1 of 2 people with LV at mall today!

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  1. I am so not exaggerating! I went to KOP Mall this afternoon during the Philadelphia Eagles football game which we lost BTW. There were 1 of every 2 females - all age groups carrying an LV bag. Never in my life did I see so many in a single day! I actually spotted very obvious copies like speedys with artsy handles! And bags with feet that don't have feet! One car parked next to us at Nordstroms and 4 teenage girls got out all weariing uggs and carrying LV. I only saw mono and DE though. And 1 really beat up DA speedy. It actually is making me (can't believe I'm writing this) not wanting to buy anymore LV. Seriously considering taking a look at Celine which I explored a year ago.......
  2. I really don't understand the point of threads like these.
  3. sorry - just on a rant. feeling disappointed that everyone is carrying the same bag in my town......
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    I understand your frustration. But you have to face your problems head on. If you run away---it will only stop you.

    People "fake" all sorts of things. They just do LV because it cost less. Take it as a compliment. You know yours is real and you can't do anything about anyone else. Just enjoy your bags with style and grace.

    If you so choose to get a Celine because you like it, go for it. But you don't have to PROVE anything to anyone. Good luck
  5. I really want eagle to win today btw !

    Now, back to the topic .. Where I live
    Ughhhh everywhere u turn has LV
    fakes !!! It bothers me but it won't stop
    me for buying the REAL LV ! I'm not
    gonna let fakes stop me for my love
    on LV .. I learned to ignore them and
    Enjoy mine . Thank goodness even
    we are not that rich but I can afford to
    buy authentic Louis Vuitton and me carrying
    fake ????? NEVER !!!! I know how u feel
    but don't let it bother you ! Be bless that
    u can afford to buy real LV !!! :smile:
  6. Well said!
  7. It's happening everywhere around the world. If you don't want the same bag as everyone then switch to a less common brand i guess..it's your choice:smile: I tend to be attracte to Nomade leather these days because there are no logos so it's discreet luxury.
  8. I feel like since the NF came out, the amount of LV (fake and real) I see has tripled. Particularly in the past 2 years. I don't know if there has been a sudden surge or if I am just paying more attention. I can't imagine proudly sporting a fake and not care.
  9. That why LV was a huge turn off for me as I grew up in Asia & fakes were everywhere. I never really cared much for the brand. I'm more a Prada girl. My sister however loves LV. I like the Epi & DE line more. I think I only have 2 mono bags. Galleria & Sully but I'm starting to get more accessories whenever I go to Europe. Not too many people have LV where I live at so for now it's ok to buy a few items from this brand.
  10. Balenciaga is really under the radar here in AZ. When I want to be discreet I carry my bbags! I have also only seen one Celine bag - at the local Safeway.
  11. That's how that mall is. Aside from being near some really affluent areas, it's a major destination in the mid-Atlantic! Many people there love to shop and have the money to do so.

    I like my NF just fine but I know it's a common bag - so I don't sweat what others around me have. It's special to me...could give a toss what anyone else thinks.

    If you want to stand out in the kop crowd, go for it. But I've seen plenty of lv, Chanel, Hermes, prada, Celine. Only thing you don't see often is balenciaga or bottega.
  12. +1000

    How are we to respond? If the OP wants to switch to another brand is it really necessary to make a thread about it? Is so, why not post over in the Celine forum for more info on theirs bags or something. :shrugs:
  13. i don't care who carry fakes
    i love my LV bags and i don't like Celine :$
  14. :graucho:
  15. Amen!