1 mth to Mother's Day - any wishes?


Nov 25, 2007
I cannot believe Mother's Day will be next big day after Easter! Are there any mommies out there wishing for a jewelry item? If so, what is it? I'm skipping this year because I'm combining a bunch of special holidays, b-days, and anniversaries into 1 big gift! I will most likely be getting the Cartier Love bracelet in June unless I decide on one with diamonds which I will wait until the Fall.
Feb 2, 2006
I love threads like this, because I can fantasize and list out all the stuff I'd love to have...but in reality, and in this economy, there isn't a chance in he!! that I'd get anything remotely close! Since this was posted in the Jewelry subforum, I will assume that you're asking about jewelry wishlists, so:

- diamond stud earrings, .7 carat each
- an antique RHR with an OEC or OMC or rose cut stone
- a fabulous cocktail ring with garnets (DD's birthstone) and pearls (DS's birthstone) set in yellow gold.

A girl can dream, can't she? :smile: Most likely, I will get to sleep in, flowers, a card, and kisses from my kids and hubby. I'll take it!!


Ooooh, pretty!
Feb 24, 2009
Ha ha... I love posts like this too! Well anyone who's followed my little VCA mission knows I've blown more than enough $$ this spring under the guise of a push pressie... so I'm a happy girl and will be happy with getting to sleep in and some flowers too! :smile: Maybe I'll wear my VCA all day to feel special! :smile:

Mrs. MC

Dec 4, 2007
My only wish is to be able to do something fun with the kids and dh. Jewelry would be nice but I have been relativelly spoiled lately so I willl go with a fun day out maybe a drive to Maine for the day. But if I could pick something on the smaller less expensive side It would be the juicy heart window charm with the butterflies since it has special meaning for me.


Aug 20, 2006
Although there are a couple of things (ok, maybe 4-5) that I've been wanting, I put out the word that I'd like this to be a 'no gift' Mother's Day. I'd just like to have a nice relaxing day with my family, without the pressure on them to try to find something they think I'd like, and without a large outlay of $$.

Guess I'm getting back to basics. :yahoo: