1 MIZI left in LV!!!!

  1. Saks Fifth Avenue LV has one Mizi left 412-263-4800 is the number.
    The price is $1420 (they had a price increase!!!).

    If your interested go get it!!!!
  2. I bet you it's gone already!!!:nuts:
  3. I want it, but I think someone has probably already called for it.
  4. CALL!!! You never know. I am pissed they raised the price on it! It was discountinued before the price increase!! DAMN LV!! LOL
  5. I hope someone else gets it because I'm trying to save Selena! I want money for KOP!!!!
  6. LOL I hear ya!! I have my little fund started but something always keeps me taking from it! LOL
    I am hoping my SO comes in for the KOP then that could be my big purchase! LOL But you knwo it will come in like a week later! Elong are you doing lunch and or dinner? I am dying to meet you!!
  7. I'm deciding. I got a new job and I'm supposed to be working on Sundays. So I know for a fact I'll be there Saturday. But I really wanna go Sunday for reasons most of us already know. I really want to go to LV while I'm up there, so I may have to skip lunch to run over there to go shop.
  8. Oh gee, you have to go on Sunday!!! :crybaby: Is there anyway you can swing it?
  9. Selena, I'm going to try my hardest I swear! My goal is to take a vacay day if I can.
  10. OK! I am pulling for you!!!!

    Did anyone get the mIZI??
  11. Lol I'm DYING to know.
  12. Me too. Its fun when tPF members get the bag.
  13. Can't afford it. *sniff!* I hope it goes to a good home!
  14. I've been dying for this bag. It is absolutely gorgeous. I saw a woman carrying it over the weekend and I couldn't stop staring at it. Does anyone know what the price was before the increase?
  15. I don't know if this helps, but I paid 1863.00 Canadian (15% tax incl.) before price increase.