$1 Makeup!!!

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    Don't know how long it is
    going on for, but wanted to share.


    Shop Eyes Lips Face

  2. Oh, really?!!! Oh you should have not shown me this! LOL!!!!! See you later, going to open a new window let's start shopping.
  3. Hahahh...have Fun!!!!

    $5 Shipping On All Orders!!!

    They Have Palette Customizing Too!
  4. You said online, bloomingdales.com? I don't get anything
  5. It also says: Due to high volume it may take up to 3 - 5 weeks to ship your order.
    We apologize for the delay and appreciate your patience.
  6. Actually ELF has been around for a long time and has always sold makeup for $1. I've never tried it myself though but have heard about it. Not sure what you mean by Bloomingdale launching their own makeup collection???
  7. Okay i edited it, I got this info from another source, and it said Bloomingdales launched it supposively!

    Has anyone tried this line?
  8. Try SHIPIT for FS on a minimum $25 order.

    I think it's also sold at Target if anyone wants to try there first.
  9. Ticklemethu, I just did a quick Google source and I *think* Bloomie's is supposed to be selling ELF in the near future (can't confirm the source). But it's not their line and the price is the same.
  10. i've tried elf makeup. their lipglosses are great but besides that, i don't like anything else.
  11. I have their 9 piece make up brush set. They are really nice for the price. I also think their 100 piece set is a pretty good deal if you want to get a lot of make up to give to your friends during Christmas. =) I do think their lipgloss is the best item though.
  12. thanks for the code! my friend was about to make a huge order!
  13. I've tried ELF and so far only like their eyeshadows and nail polish. I didn't like the lip gloss or liners. I tried their foundation brush too and like it.
  14. I just ordered the 9pc brush set the other day - glad to hear they're nice!

    I'm a little confused though, because I heard ELF was new too... :shrugs: