$1 makeup sale at The Body Shop

  1. running now online, also should start tomorrow at B&M stores
    The Body Shop

    free shipping STORE on your first order over $15
  2. wow, thanks for the heads up!
  3. OMG ! Thats awesome ! Thanks so much :smile:
  4. The code won't work though :sad: Oh well, it's still really cheap!! :smile:
  5. Wow, stuff went quick! there's not much good stuff left..
  6. I was at checkout and the sites decides to crash. I bet half the US is on it right now lol
  7. yeah,,,,that happen to me to .....system crash.. my luck. any suggestions.
  8. i'm hitting the refresh key every 2 secs, a lil patience maybe.
  9. nope, not working here either.. this sucks..
  10. OK girls, it's back up! You better be quick, my items in my last cart was lost and some of the things have been snapped up.
  11. damn alot of the stuff is gone! ;[
  12. yes, alot of stuff is gone...however i was able to place some make up order. thanks a million.
  13. wow...I was just about to go to bed..and i read this post... hahaha I've never shopped so fast in my life!!!

    I grabbed everything that was left....whole buncha eye makeup (which i needed)

    sucha great bargain!!! Oh, and the code worked!!

    Dollar buys + Free shipping.... can't beat that!!!

  14. I love this store! Thank you for the heads up; I just ordered lots of great stuff.
  15. i just checked out and use the code, worked for me.