1 magenta shrug left @ the nyc store

  1. ladies, i found myself in the b-bag store again today :shame: ...and wanted to let y'all know there's a gorgeous magenta shrug just waiting to be had!!!...the salesgirl who helped me's name is kim & she's soooooooooooooooo sweet...here's the number in case any of you gals are interested (212-206-0872) :smile:

    p.s. there's also 1 pink metallic first & 1 lilac weekender
  2. Do you have a pic of the shrug?
  3. yeppers, here's a picture taken from ateliernaff...just try to picture it in that gorgeous, hot pink/purple magenta :love:...i'm just too petite to wear really bright colors in bigger bags...but i would LOVE it in a smaller bag like the first!!!
  4. there was a post yesterday that they have the magenta first at Koh Samui if you are looking for one.
  5. omigoodness chigirl, i don't know whether that's good news or bad news :wondering...where is koh sumai & how can i get there?
  6. thanks so much chigirl, maybe i'll give 'em a jingle tomorrow :graucho:...SOMEBODY PLEASE TAKE MY PHONE AWAY FROM ME!!!
  7. Good luck if you go for it aaallabama! Keep us posted!!!