1 Large Muse II, 4 ways!- Pics inside

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  1. Thank you so much!! you are so sweet! :flowers:
  2. miss_sigh_gone - thank you for your kind words!! the yellow dress from the Balenciaga thread is made by Splendid, and I bought it from Intermix. The black dress and belt in this current thread is from Club Monaco. :smile:

    galex101404 -
    thank you!!! :idea:

    thank you so much!!

    - thank you so much!! this is my first green bag so i am also "stepping out of my comfort zone" a bit..haha..but yes, the dark green is amazingly "neutral" just like you said! thanks so much!!!

    Thank you!!!! I love mixing expensive things w/ not pricy ones! :blush: it makes me feel good shopping w/o the guilt..plus, it means more funds for bags!! LOL!! thanks for you kind words babe!!! :smile:

  3. Thank you!!!
    Honestly, i have never been so happy being called hot mess!!!! LOL!!!! :urock:I am so flattered, thank you!! :yahoo:
  4. Thank you so much!! i am 5'7" without heels! the heels in the pics are between 3 inches to 4 inches. :idea:
  5. Beautiful color for your Muse2! And I love all your ensembles to go with it!
    The over-the-knee boots in the 2nd photo look familiar. I think I have the same boots. Do they have a 4 inch heel and are they by Jill Stuart?
  6. that bag is awesome
  7. & so are your outfits! I have a feeling I should envy your closet!
  8. Yes, they are Jill Stuart!! We are boots twins? :tup:

    - than you sweetie!! i do spend more money on my clothes/shoes than purses:shame: im sure my bank acct is not happy w/ that!!! :rolleyes: whats a girl to do?!?! hehe..;)
  9. Absolutely Gorgeous :love: I came over to the YSL forum to check out the Muse II and your pics are just awesome!!!! Thanks so much for sharing, you look great :tup: Ahhhhh, i want one so bad [in black]. Kim Kardashian looks so fab with hers as well.
  10. Miss Alice, we're bag sisters because I have this color way in the medium and love it.

    Would you mind telling me where you found your leopard-print scarf? It's awesome!
  11. [​IMG][/IMG]
    Love the outfit here with the beautiful bag..where are the shoes from?? it looks puuuurrrrrffeeect!!!

  12. I think the scarf is Lv if I am not mistaken as I have it....And never take it off...!
  13. Looks great on your arm... Congrats!!! B - E - A - utiful...!!! :yes:
  14. miss_alice, your outfits and MUSE II are impeccable! :tup:
  15. This bag is a beauty, you wear her so well!! You've totally convinced me to get one (and if I remember rightly it was a modelling picture of you with your chanel black jumbo flap bag that inspired me to get one of those too!! haha). You lucky thing!
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