1 Large Muse II, 4 ways!- Pics inside

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  1. Yes, those boots are nice! Thanks! :tup:

  2. Those boots look amazing! I love them! I never would have guessed Aldo. ;)
  3. You look hot! Love your over-the-knee boots!
  4. #34 Jan 8, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2009
    That bag is gorgeous. I just literally let out a big *sigh* of awe, and my DH didn't know what was wrong. I showed him your pic. The green just takes my breath away. You look like a model with it! I have the medium muse two size in eggplant, and I too am amazed at its quality!
  5. ^^ Thank you so much Lizz, you are too sweet!! :shame:

    I saw your beautiful pics of the eggplant muse..its stunning!! :heart::heart::heart:
  6. you definitely rock this bag. I love how you look so chic, the bag doesn't wear you instead it looks like a piece of garment to complete your look! Chic Chic Chic! congrats!
  7. it is stunning and you look absolutely gorgeous together!!! :heart:
  8. the bag looks gorgeous on you!! the large is perfect for you height! can i ask how tall you are?
  9. Goodness you are a hot mess! I love all your outfits!!
  10. You rock that purse and don't be afraid of color. It's surprising how some colors can be neutral. Love the purse!
  11. Congratulations! What a gorgeous bag. It looks fabulous on you.
  12. you look amazing!! Thanks for sharing and congrats on your new bag =)
  13. Hi miss alice!
    Who makes the long sleeved black dress and belt from the first pic?
    (Also, who makes your banana-yellow dress on pg.22 of the "you and your Bbag" thread)?
    You should be a stylist!
  14. you look amazing with that bag!

    your poise and bag make the outfits look extremely expensive! yay for hi/low fashion!
  15. Thank you so much toosan!! I am a fan of your blog!!!! :heart::heart::heart:
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