1 Large Muse II, 4 ways!- Pics inside

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  1. #1 Jan 8, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2009
    Say Hi to my new MUSE II!! Got as a Christmas Present from DH and I am very happy w/ its quality and color. Who knew green can be such a versatile color? She is my first green bag so she definitely has a special place in my heart!! :heart::heart:

    Thank you to the special ladies on TPF who helped answer my various questions regarding the Muse!! You gals rock!!!!:yahoo:

    Below are just some of my interpretations of how I would carry my newest baby...


    Winter Coat..

    Out with friends...

    Minus the leather jacket...

    My Favorite Look..

  2. Wonderful pics! :tup: You can probably tell from my siggy that the Teal is my favorite Muse Two color too! I'm so glad you are enjoying your new bag. Congrats.
  3. ^^ Yes, Thank you Cosmo, for all your help!!! You were instrumental in helping me locate my Muse II!!
  4. Be sure to add your pics to the Reference Library too!
  5. Awesome pics Miss Alice!!! Your green Muse II looks :drool: and I love your ruffle skirt...who is it by?
  6. ^^ Thank you vlore!! its a dress, from Express. Its actually on sale now!!
  7. Congratulations & enjoy!
  8. Great pics and you look gorgeous, congrats!!!
  9. Great pics, you look gorgeous with it. I wore my Muse II for the first time today as well and found it works better hand held than on the shoulder as the top of the flap where the handle is stitched digs into my side, how do you find wearing it on the shoulder?? BTW love your coat and leather jacket!
  10. Hi Syma, Thanks!!
    I wear it most of the time on the crook of my arm. But, I do wear it over my shoulder too, especially when I am carrying my starbucks or other stuff...just cant juggle the purse w/ other things in hand. You see the gray coat I wore in the pic above? I can put my muse over that thickness easily and comfortably, w/o it digging into me..its a wool coat. i can also wear it very comfortably w/ a leather jacket and other lighter jackets. i havent tried putting it over my shoulder w/ a thicker coat though...hmm..my next experiment! lol..will let you know!
  11. You and your new Muse Two are both stunning! It looks fantastic on you and I think you picked the perfect size and color for yourself! Congrats!
  12. Such a gorgeous bag, I just love that color! And you wear it really well -- it looks absolutely fabulous on you. Congratulations! :tup:
  13. I love your muse 2...it looks great on you. You have impeccable style. :tup::tup:
  14. looks good on you! btw, how tall are you? bc the large muse II looks like a perfect size on me.. also, where's the black pumps from in ur first picture? it looks so cute..all for outfits..thx
  15. oo congrats! I love the Muse II and you look gorgeous with it btw :tup:
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