1 gift card sale a week. Who knew?

  1. So I was cleaning house recently and came across two gift cards my mom-in-law had given me to a home furnishing store I don't shop at much-- and decided to list them on fleabay. Sold one last week, great. Decided to put up the other one a few days later and the listing was cancelled! I had no idea there was a rule about selling 1 gift card every 7 days. Does anyone have any idea why this rule was put in place? No biggie, but I am a little :confused1:
  2. Yeah, I recently discovered this too....it's a pain as I have a bunch of GCs I want to put up.
  3. Very odd. I had three Sephora GCs up at once just a couple weeks ago and they sold.

    ETA - nice ticker Southbeach - LOL!
  4. hmm i saw this seller selling like 5 gap giftcards at one go and it seemed to go well... i know cos i searched on the giftcard and saw his name for all 5 auctions.
  5. Someone might have reported you and not the others (maybe they were selling a similar item and wanted to get rid of the competition).

    I have no idea why that rule is in place, except maybe to prevent mass selling of gift cards for profit. (From employees, people with discounts, reselling free GCs, etc.) I guess an occasional GC sale means you are selling it the way you would any other random item, but if you consistently sell lots of them, you are probably abusing a discount of some sort.
  6. Just can't win with eBay sometimes......:cursing: