1 Day in Paris: Would You Do It and What Would You See

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  1. I am flying to London for a conference next month. I arrive on a Wed. morning at around 6 AM, and figure that by the time I clear customs and get to my hotel it'll be around 9-ish (although maybe earlier). I can then turn around and hop on a train to Paris. There is one that leaves at 9:26 and arrives at 12:47, and another that leaves at 10:30 and arrives around 2 PM.

    I can then turn around and catch a return train at 8 PM that will get me back in around 9:30 PM, or one that leaves at 9 PM and gets in around 10:30 PM.

    I don't know if it would be worth it to do this? Or I could take the train to Brussels (it's about an hour less total travel)? Or I could just say 'to heck with it' and stay in London....or maybe try to take a train to someone in the UK?
  2. well..that's actually not that much time...but it depends on what u want to do.

    If u want to actually see the sights in Paris, that's actually not that much time at all, unless u could take the 1st train out. But Paris is all about the atmosphere and culture. So if u will be happy just hanging out at a cafe, writing postcards, reading a book, walking down Champ Elysses and then ending it with a boat ride on the seine river. Then I say do it.

    If u really, really wanna see the sights, then take a hop on, hop off tour. Get off when u get to an attraction u really wanna see. u get to see everything and get yr photo op but this is gonna be hectic and since ure there for a conference, u dont wanna stress yrself out right?

    But I read on your other thread that u will be in London, how long are u there for and is there any way u will get some time off on a weekend, say maybe friday plus saturday. I went to paris on a weekend and was able to see most of the major attractions this way.

    I haven't been to brussels, but I've read that its doable in a day, so that could be another option for u.

    Wwhew....I didn't realize my post was so long.
  3. Thanks Lost! yes, I'll be in London from the Wednesday - Sunday morning. Wednesday is my only full day with no conference stuff, so I'm trying to figure out a way to get out of London to see something different! Paris may just be too overwhelming to try and do in such a short amount of time!
  4. Personally, I would stay in London. After such a long flight, you're not going to want to just throw your stuff in the hotel and immediately run for a cab to the train station, you'll probably want to shower, eat, maybe nap, etc... and for the cost of the train ticket and the amount of time you will actually spend in Paris, I am not really sure it is worth it. Do you have an extra day toward the end of your trip? If you do, and can leave super early, that really may be better.
  5. Unfortunately I don't! I know that my days Thurs-Sat I will have a couple free hours here and there...and those were the days I was planning on seeing museums, etc.
    I was surfing around online and didn't even think of it...but I LOVE universities...and Oxford isn't far away! Or I could take a train to Stonehenge....ugh dilemmas!
  6. I just booked Eurostar tickets from London to Paris, and if you still want to keep your time in Europe frugal, the Eurostar won't help you: it's about £100 for a return ticket (but it's hard to get one for less than £119)

    Even if money is no object, I would stay in London. There is so much to see here, and a half day in Paris won't even begin to show you what the city has to offer. You might end up with the feeling that you haven't seen enough of either city, and really tired.
  7. yeah..u cld go to oxford or cambridge. If u decide to go to stonehenge, if u go with a tour group, most of the time, it will also include Bath.
  8. Go to Brussels, it is a beautiful city with great markets and dining! I went when I was 11 and had a brilliant time! You can get a connecting train to Bruges which is a fabulous place, very quaint!
  9. ^also forgot to add now St Pancras station houses the eurostar, journeys are easier and quicker to mainland Europe from London!
  10. I don't know about the timing and travel issues you might face, but when I was a teenager I was fortunate enough to go to Paris.

    I went to Notre Dame on Easter Sunday and for the rest of my life I've wanted to go back and just spend the day wandering around looking at the windows, the gargoyles, all of it.
  11. Paris is very expensive right now, I just came back from there last week. It's really hard to see everything in one day... if I were you I'd stick to London and hit some of the flea markets there if you can!
  12. I would do H, LV, Chanel, Printemps, Galleries Lafayette and a local flea market. All at a slow run. ROFL. I have my priorities. ;) Have fun.
  13. It probably more practical to stay in London but I've never been one for practicality.

    I would probably spend the day in Paris because I like to stay busy the first day when traveling from the US to Europe; it makes jet-lag so much easier if I jump right into the new schedule. I would probably not do any sightseeing as there is just so little time. My day in Paris would pretty much be a day of ordinary little things.

    For me, a nice day would include a leisurely lunch at a little place like chez Angelina on rue de Rivoli.

    Then I would taxi over to the Bains du Marais for a spa treatment and a cup of tea. Afterwards a walk through the Marais neighborhood as far as the Place des Vosges which is a nice place to stop and take a rest. I would also make a quick detour to Marriage Freres tea shop - which is in the same neighborhood - where I would stock up on teas to take back to the States.

    Later I would take a taxi or walk over to the Ile St. Louis; I love the bridges of Paris. I would walk to the Jardins de Luxembourg.

    For shopping I would taxi clear to the other end of town to the Bon Marche and buy a perfume or peignoir; they have the best lingerie department.

    I would then take a taxi to go window shopping in St. Germain with all the lovely shops!!!

    After shopping I would have cocktails at the Ritz (haha old fashioned but I love it!) And then off to dinner. There are a ton of nice places to have dinner more than I can even begin to mention here.

    Haha my plan isn't that well thought out just a few things I would like. Enjoy your trip!
  14. I wouldn't bother but if I did I would buy a ticket on the batobus and enjoy a ride on the river and spend a few hours wandering around getting lost. Paris is a wonderful city to explore on foot.
  15. I think Paris is far too beautiful to rush through with an eye on the clock for your return journey. It is a place to be enjoyed at leisure, and you need to relax. I'm sure you will have the chance to see it again, properly, one day.

    I would definitely stay in London - with regard to shopping, you can get most of the things you get in Paris (and more ...). Make sure you go to the Ladurée and Maison du Chocolat stores at Piccadilly. And when you're tired, you can crash on the grass anywhere in the parks. That is strictly forbidden in Paris (and people don't do it - it may also be forbidden in Germany, but nobody cares ...).

    Don't bother going to Stonehenge. It's a long journey, and you don't even get close, all you see is a car park with lots of coaches.