1 day at French Vogue w. Carine Roitfeld

  1. Carine Roitfeld is the editor in chief of French Vogue since 2001; Here is a video of a TV show, where she is interviewed and where we have a sneak peak at the Vogue office !!
    Far away from Ugly betty's "Mode magazine" and "The Devil wears Prada !
    Sorry that the show is in french :sad: .......

    But basically she is happy that 2 models sent her some flowers with a note to thank her for helping them in their carreer, rarely done she says. And then she explains how she reviews the layout and contents of the futur issue. March issue has to be sent out for printing in mid-january, and bc of XMas the photo shoots were done in november.
    She is "not snob" and is not afraid of "tacky", she likes Paris Hilton (did a cover ) and Justin Timberlake.
    She didn't see "The Devil wears Prada" but read the book and thought that it's not like that at all, that it's more fun in real life, her employees enjoy coming to work and they like each other, but she would love to produce a movie about fashion !
    Also she feels 2007 will be all about changes...(Designers moving in and out)
    she wants new stuff and is quite excited.

    Overall I am surprised to see how "simple" she is ! The way she acts and speaks (very simple vocabulary)....so you don't need the "attitude" then, she is my new role model !
    Also have you noticed how all the employees are wearing black and nothing fancy ?? (maybe for TV:shrugs: )
  2. Great post. I enjoyed it.
  3. that was fantastic, i love her :girlsigh:
  4. Loved it!! Thanks for posting!
  5. She is awesome.............. I love her style
  6. I like her so much more than Anna Wintour. She's edgier and sexier and more "real." I feel like I could actually approach her whereas Anna is cold and snobbish.
  7. She seems sweet - Anna Wintour seems kinda scary and totalitarian. Sorry if I'm wrong, we only know these people through media coverage, but still, when you never give a top model (Fernanda something, Victoria's secret girl) a job for US vogue because she said six years ago that she don't do fur, that doesn't make you seem nice.
    Too bad I can't read or understand french, because then I'd definately read french vogue.
  8. She was even spotted in the NY fashion week tents waiting in line to use the porta potty!