1 carly is here, where is the other one?

  1. okay, so i waited home all day because i was supposed to have two bags show up, i left for a few minutes to mail some stuff off and get something to eat for the little one. when i got back there was still nothing so, i continued waiting. about 1/2 hour ago, fed ex shows with one box. he double checks the truck for another and says maybe i'll see you tomorrow. so i got online to check. one shows my sig and is delivered. the other has a note that says it was delivered and left on doorstep. hmmm, what do i do now? so here are the pics of what i did receive and it is way too big. now i am debating on whether or not to keep it. :confused1:
    car.JPG carly.JPG
  2. Is that the gold? It looks yummy! :drool:
  3. If you think it is too big, but like the style, you can go to your boutique and exchange it for the medium and get back the price difference! I LOVE the khaki/gold combo! Let us know what you decide....and where is your OTHER bag??????? HMMMMMMMM.......
  4. You should definitely call and get this figured out ASAP.

    What is the other bag you were waiting for? The Carly does look rather overwhelming on you. It does slouch and look smaller when you put stuff in it though. Try putting your things in it and see how it looks.
  5. the other carly is the brass/camel. who can i call? fed ex? or could the neighborhood kids have gotten to it?
  6. That happened to me today too for I have a medium Gold and Khacki Carly and I had ordered in the PCE a medium Chocolate Carly with an ocelot scarf for color. It absolutely needs no adornment so I do not need the scarf. The ocelot scarf arrived this morning alone. I was absolutely confused too. I called the store and they told me the ocelet scarf came from another store so it would be shipped separately. Sure enough, My beautiful chocolate Carly did arrive safe and sound at 5 p.m. The thing I am wondering here and I am going to ask people since it is such a very new bag...is if the dark brown on brown or black on black which I never noticed in my duffle collects white lint that is more obvious than the Khacki jacquard. I never noticed that. The striking chocolate leather on the strap is absolutely gorgeous and the gold hardware against the dark brown leather is so classy. I am sure the other bag will indeed be there tomorrow...do not worry...You think the large is too big for you?

  7. Maybe the medium Carly would be a better fit?
    I would definitely go try one on at the store to help you decide.

    And, if FedEx says a package was delivered and is not there, I would be calling customer service at FedEx!

    Keep us posted!
  8. all items are shipped separately because they come from different places. It will probably arrive tomorrow.
  9. hmmm its looks big I have the black signature large carly but it slouches this one looks so stiff maybe try filling it.
  10. Left at front door. Package delivered to recipient address - release authorized

    this is the note on the fed ex website.. i am trying not to jump to conclusions because if someone took it from my doorstep, the fed ex may get fired. i want my carly now *pouts*
  11. Well, realistically, it says release authorized but you didn't authorize it, and you didn't sign for it. My fedex guy leaves things all the time without asking me to sign, and while I usually am home, I think it's careless and risky of him. In the end, if the fedex guy gets in trouble for either a) marking a package delivered that wasn't or b) leaving a package without a signature... perhaps he should get in trouble for that...

    That said, do find out what really happened first. :smile:
  12. I really don't think lint will be a problem. Maybe if you wear fuzzy sweaters everyday but otherwise, it should be fine.
  13. You know, and I always do this after carrying a bag for awhile, I am finding the large Carly is a little too large on some days because I don't always have enough stuff to fill it. I kind of think the medium would have sufficed but I love the look of the large. Did you try your stuff in it yet?
  14. i'm so jealous...i love the khaki/gold!!!!!!!!
  15. Oooooh... pretty.

    I :heart: big bags-- so I say keep it. But, if you aren't happy-- go try the medium on and see how you feel about it. :yes: