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  1. I'm in a good mood, and wanted to take the time to thank, and congratulate the wonderful employees that are incredibly helpful when calling the LV hotline. We've all had our occasional run ins with less than amazing SA attitudes. Althought I, personally, have NEVER had a bad experience when calling 866-Vuitton. They seem to be very well trained and professional.
    I would love to hear from everyone else. Have you ever had a bad experience with 866-Vuitton? Have you ever had an incredible experience?
  2. I've had good experiences with the 1-866. Usually I call them if I want something in particular that is out of stock online. They usually are able to tell me if the item is at one of their stores or if they are getting a shipment, they mail it to me & give me a time frame. I'm usually in no hurry & secure the transaction with my card.
  3. I had a great experience with 1-866 a few weeks back. I wanted a Pomme key pouch that was out of stock. I must have been on then phone with Phillip for close to 15 minutes while he took my information to get me on the waitlst. He new his luxury brands having worked for Burburry and Gucci, in the past. I was knowledgable about LV and we got along very well. I may have scared the hell out of him mentioning our Midwest weather in the negatives WITH negative wind chill. He was from San Francisco. I think he could have reciprocated with real estate prices and I would have fallen over! :lol:
  4. 1-866 Vuitton is wonderful I call them often to ask questions and they are more than accommodating very friendly and knowledgeable :smile:
  5. Always consistent, great experience for me !! :biggrin: wish I could say the same for SAs in person!
  6. I think I have spoken to the same Phillip before. He helped me when I wanted to exchange the Monogram Artsy I ordered for an Infini Empreinte. He was very professional, courteous and friendly. I have never had a bad experience when calling the 866 number.
  7. Nice thread. I have ONLY had good experiences with the LV phone representatives. Regardless of the reason for my call...small order, large order, or simply to ask a question, they have always been friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. Sadly, I cannot say that for all of my in-store experiences.
  8. Phillip helped me when I purchased my first LV bag the night before the price increase last February. He was extremely helpful. I actually was so undecided I called back a couple times and talked with him before purchasing my retiro! We had some nice conversations (I remember him telling me he worked for other luxury brands too LOL!).
    So, yes, very pleasant experiences with LV!
  9. Nothing but friendly, helpful service from them!!!!!!
  10. very good service every time
  11. Couldn't agree more!
  12. Very friendly! Called them 3 times. Every time is very pro.