1-800 lv

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  1. Hi everyone. I purchased the portabello pm a few weeks back from 1-800 LV and the SA sent me a nice LV thank you card. Its not the first time i purchased from 1-800LV but it is the first time i purchased with this SA i never got a thank you card from the 1-88 LV SA before i was just wondering if anyone had an idea on to why she did this. I know its a very nice gesture and maybe when i purchase from 1-800LV again i will ask for her.
  2. I have ordered several times from the 866 number and have received a thank you card from the person I talked to. It is a great personal touch! I just ordered from there today so I'll see if I get one from her as well. Ironically, I have not received thank you note from any of the SA's that I bought from in the store and I bought multiple items at each purchase and this was at 3 different locations:sad:..Weird!