1. Hi ladies! Hope everyone's weekend is off to a great start. I was reading some of the threads and saw that some of you (missisa07 ladydeluxe thanks!) mentioned that we can dial 1-800-CHANEL to search for a bag. I tried that number and it doesn't work. Is that the correct number? If not, what number can I dial to do search for a bag?

    I'm currently searching for the luxe ligne medium bowler. Please help! Thank you all in advance!;)
  2. The Chanel phone number that I have called in the past is:

    Customer Service (800) 550-0005

    Hope that helps!

  3. yup :yes: that's the #, but their service has gone down for the past few months, a bit rushed & rude...don't let them push you off the phone. Any SA in Saks or NM can also track for you since 1800 only tracks boutiques not stocks in Saks/NM. Good luck! :flowers: PM me if u need my SA from Saks, she's superb!
  4. Hehe, sorry if you thought the number was 1-800-Chanel by what I said OP. I don't have the 800 # memorized, so I usually just refer to it as the Chanel 1-800 number or something along those lines.

    I do have my local Chanel boutique's number memorized though, although it's super easy since the last four digits are 5555 lol.

    I have yet to utilize the 1-800 service. I called once and they were closed, and that was the extent of my experience.