1.6 carat or 2 carat studs?

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  1. #1 Jan 28, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2010
    Which is a better investment piece? A 3.2 ctw round brilliant cut earings, VVS2 Clarity and I color, or a 4 ctw round brilliant SI1 clarity and J color? Price is more or less equal.
  2. The 4 ctw SI1, J color.
  3. Unfortunately both are too big for my ears, I've tried them.

    If you can wear them, go for it!
  4. If they are both cut well and the SI1 are eyeclean I would go with those!
    I personally would not see the need for VVS2 for earrings (would actually probably not go that high on a well cut ring either) but that is just me :smile:
  5. depends on the cut! How the grading on cut for each set?
  6. Diamonds aren't really an investment...but I'd find the best cut with an SI clarity.
  7. I personally would go with which ever pair sparkles more. So the cut is going to be more important. SI clarity isn't bad for earrings.
  8. Which do you like best in your ears? Of course you want a nice sparkle coming off of the ear but I don't think you need that high of a clarity that's on the 1.6's. As long as the J color is not caring too much 'warmth' and no significant feathers, etc. in the diamonds, then they sound perfect. I have 4.15 twt and wear them everyday. I do have them set in a martini-style mtg. which means they sit low to my ear. This way I can sleep in them without bothering me.
  9. Hi Thanks for all your advice!

    Bagaday, I am so curious as to how a matini setting looks like, can you post a picture of it here?
  10. I have pics of my studs in martinis, let me see if I can find them . . .
  11. I also agree with others to get whichever has the better cut and most sparkle and which looks best on you. I think there is no need for such high clarity since no one looks that closely at your ears.
  12. Ummm, since I basically operate techno-backwards, I don't think I can post a picture of the martini mtg. for you. Sounds like Swanky can though. I do highly recommend this mounting though for comfort and for the diamond (which whatever pair you went with would be considered on the larger size) to sit 'face out'. I also have what is called "elephant backs" on my earrings to help with the diamonds to face out. They are just large earrings backs - do not like screw on/off type of post's.
  13. Thanks Swanky, nice setting:smile: