1.5mm or 1.7mm micropave band? Halo setting :)



    What do you think? 1.7mm or 1.5mm - my ring size is 3.75 and my wedding ring is 2mm

    THANKS in advance for any advice! If you have 1.5mm up to 1.7mm bands - pppppppplease post pics!

  2. Here are pics of a similar style (HW repro - my former ring) with a 1.8mm shank (2.64ct center stone) and it was veeeeery delicate! I think 1.7mm is as skinny as I'd go. 1.5 would be downright invisible! My ring size is 5 7/8.

  3. Your ring is my upgrade 10 years from now :smile: I looooooooooove your setting!!!
  4. I personally like smaller daintier bands. Maybe put both on and take a picture?? Maybe it'll be easier to tell then. :yes:
  5. I have a 1.5 but not 3-sided pave. I'd be concerned that 3-sided pave on a 1.5 band would mean very little metal making it prone to damage.

    Just my .2
  6. If you want something that thin and pave'd you should definitely have Leon make it. He's the master.

    Personally I wouldn't feel safe with 1.5mm micropave. Unless it's thickness off the finger is really high, it doesn't seem like it would be solid enough.
  7. Can you post pics of how 1.5mm looks? What is your ring size?
  8. As long as she is willing to take full responsibility and repair it for free, sure.

    But personally if I wanted that kind of ring Id just have Leon do it. He's the master. Getting involved with friends in business dealings (which this is) is a dangerous situation.
  9. is there a center stone? What weight is it?
  10. 1ct
  11. I'd go for 1.7 and here's why, micropave is already delicate, add that to a super thin band - which I LOVE BTW! and it becomes more delicate. IMO, the .2mm isn't a big enough size difference to risk it. Your eyes may not even be able to notice that difference.
  12. I would personally have it made 2mm like your wedder.

    I can't wait to see end product!
  13. I really think that it's going to be really tough to do 3sided pave on a 1.5mm band. And like Swanky says--you really might not be able to tell.

    I agree. My stone is slightly smaller than yours (barely) and my rings are 2.3mm wide. My stone still looks just like it did with a 1.8mm band.
  14. Thanks for the advice ladies, I ordered a 1.7mm instead.

    Golden Touch -
    I did try a 2mm 3 sided pave though and felt it was a little too big.

    THANK YOU so much ladies for your advice - realy appreciate it, I'll be getting the ring in the 2nd week of August! Can't wait!