1.5 carat pear shaped pendant or diamond bracelet?

  1. Hi i have saved up enough to get either
    the 1.5 pear shaped diamond which i can make into a pendant. its E color.
    a tennis diamond round solaitre bracelet .25 ct each diamond design is like the tiffanys bracelet.

    I already own a pair of round solaitre earrings of 1.3 carat each .

    What do you guys think i should get????
    please help:rolleyes:
  2. Both would be great, but I think I would prefer the solitaire pendant.
  3. ohh i think i would prefer the pear pendant. pear shapes are gorgeous!
  4. I would go with the 1.5 ct pear shaped diamond. That sounds so elegant and beautiful and it seems you could wear it all the time. (For diamond bracelets, I think an art deco style is really beautiful). I would go w/ the pendant! Have fun and let us know what you decide.
  5. I also think the pendant would be beautiful!!!

    I'm a bit afraid of bracelets--they seem vulnerable to breaking and getting lost. (Just my opinion.)
  6. hmm gals my husband keeps wanting to get me the pendant too. now with you all encouraging me am reallly keen on the pendant. My jeweller called and said the stones arrived so will take a look this coming weekend. cant wait...any more responses welcome please
  7. I'd also go for the pendant, it sounds beautiful and versatile. Don't forget to post pictures!
  8. I would go for the pendant - it will be a stand out piece and will look stunning as a set with your stud earrings.

    Definitely please post pics when you get your choice!
  9. Pendant....Love the look of a pear when it's hanging!
  10. i will i prmise . i have one more choice within the budget cushion cut danglers outlined with duamonds. cushion cuts are 1.05-1.07 each. so the diamonds danle from a ring of diamonds.
    Now its betwen the pendant and the earrings?!!!! what say girls?
  11. I love the look of the cushion cut, but you could wear the pear shapped pendant or diamond bracelet everyday. Personaly I'd rather get the bracelet - I guess I'm the odd one out!
  12. i am going to cast the only bracelet vote. it will be something you can see and enjoy yourself. i think the pendant will be lovely but you will not see it often. enjoy what ever you choose. :yes: