1/30 - 2/1: Jomashop tPF Exclusive - Up to 95% off D&G!!!

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  1. Well, it is almost time for...the weekend!!!

    Here is to all of you who have been working hard and made it through another week! :drinks:

    I hoped the deals helped get you through! ;)

    Before I head off, I wanted to leave you with an extra deal that you can use Saturday, Sunday, and even through Monday as well!

    :yahoo:Up to 95% off all Dolce & Gabbana watches, jewelry and accessories!:yahoo:
    • This deal is 20% off the current Jomashop.com discounts, many of which are normally discounted up to 75%!
    That means you could be looking at up to 95% off!!!:nuts:

    WARNING: Only attempt to use the following coupon code while sober. These deals could be too tempting otherwise :graucho:

    Coupon code: PFDG20

    To browse our great selection of D & G watches (for men and women!) and jewelry, click here!

    To view D & G handbags, wallets, and belts, click here!

    I hope that this will make your weekend even more fun!
  2. Btw., I noticed on another post that there are a few of you are not particularly pleased with our deals.

    Please know that your requests are always taken very seriously by me. Every item that you ask for is always presented to the Marketing department by myself. After all, this is about tPF members, and that means I am all about you! :urock:

    The items that you want are the ones that I want to get out here at great discounts that you will love!

    So keep requesting! The more the better!

    And if your not happy, please don't be afraid to let me know! Post it for me in one of my Joma posts, or PM me if you want. I always want to know what you think is a flop, so I can let the team know. I am here to help you out, and I will do all I can for you to get your deals up and rockin'! So don't hesitate to keep me updated.

    Have a great weekend and party safe!
  3. awesome deals, thanks!

    well *i* for one really appreciate these deals and think that you are very nice and helpful, JomaGirl!
  4. Thanks Jomagirl!!

    It's a shame that of all the wallets/handbags listed on the site, only 2 are actually in stock though :sad:

    Guess i'm off to browse the jewellery and watches then!
  5. Great deals! I want like every watch :nuts:
  6. This will be fun to look at! Thank you!
  7. Hi jomagirl,
    thanks for reaching out to tPF members!

    I think that there's no need to be too concerned because not every deal will be for everyone. We can't expect to really purchasing every day I think... Some deals will be bigger hits than others...

    I for one have not yet purchased anything from the deals yet not because I haven't been tempted but simply because there needs to be a balance between desire and whether or not i'll really use the purchase.

    But I sure look forward to checking out these deals every day!
  8. Love the deals and love jomashop. request for a diamond formula one tag perhaps? ;) :heart:
  9. I would love to see a deal on Fendi and Gucci bags. Is that possible?
  10. Hi JomaGirl,

    I'd love to see a Gucci Twirl watch! I've had my on the wide one (YA112424) for a long time.... Any chance?
  11. Love the requests!

    Keep 'em coming!
  12. ^ I think you forgot about me :jrs:
  13. Any Movado watches would be awesome! :biggrin:
  14. Just because I work in retail and this drives my crazy....75% off + 20% off equals 80% not 95%. Still an awesome deal so I'm not complaining!!

    Oh and I second the Movados!!
  15. thanks so much for this deal! I managed to steal the Dolce & Gabbana Forever Women's Watch DW0223 for $86!
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