1/2 price Paddington's/Roxanne's/Motorcycle bags at Brown Thomas, Dublin

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  1. Hi there,

    I wasn't sure if this was just for you US users, so just in case, I was in Brown Thomas, Dublin, last week, and LOADS of the above bags, all colours, all sizes, all half price. I know that they ship in Ireland, and so may ship to the US? Worth a phone call?


    Are there many non US posters?

    I'm still upset that there is no sale section on the UK Gucci site, and can't even buy online if in Ireland!!

    Love the site,


  2. Hi Kathleen

    thanks for the information on brown thomas:biggrin: did you say half price paddingtons:amazed: do they do a mail order service do you know?

  3. Hi Scottie, yes, they had more than 20 Paddington's, in various colours, on the stands. Half price. I must say, it suprised me, as they really had a loads of all the bags available.

    The Paddington really was lovely. Leather extremely soft and almost sponge like. The Balenciaga motorcycle bags were also soft leather, but to be honest, the leather seemed a bit thin and didn't look as though they would last long. The Mulberry Roxanne's/Blenheim's though, seemed to be built to last and were very sturdy, although, with all my junk in one, I doubt I could lift it off the ground!

    I've only purchased Louis Vuitton from Brown Thomas, over the phone, and there was no problem, however, I am in Ireland. Worth a phone call though? Their number is on their web site.

    Good luck!

  4. Hi kathleen

    have phoned and sadly they wont post to UK:sad2:

    what a shame

  5. i've sent them an e-mail to see if they will send to the US- i'll let you know!:oh: if not, i guess i may have to belly up to neiman marcus and part with $1500:evil:
  6. I sent them 2 emails already and still no reply. :sad2:
  7. I'm pretty sure they won't ship to the US. Usually, when you get a license to sell a luxury brand, you are limited to a certain market UNLESS you are licensed as mail order or catalog or on-line. I'm betting that they aren't. NM and BG don't need/want someone in Ireland undercutting their business and the designer's wouldn't permit it.
  8. they do have an on-line store, and you can buy a paddy at regular price off of it. but of course if i can get one for less...! certainly will try! :amuse:
  9. the online site seems to ship outside of ireland..i completed most of a transaction (excluding actually paying) and it seemed that they ship pretty much everywhere including the us and canada. although i couldn't find their shipping policies listed...
  10. Darn! This got me all excited for nothing. :lol:
  11. Perhaps the sale is over? They definately had the toffee colour, although I can't remember seeing the blue, but there were loads, I was just looking at the toffee, and it was €500.

    Brown Thomas only has actual consession stands for Fendi, Dior, Prada, Gucci, and the mini stores for Vuitton, Hermes and Chanel. ALL the other bags are just on stands in the middle of the store. At sale time, all the *signs* for different brands are removed, and the bags are just all laid out on different shelving units they bring in for the sales. It really is odd, seeing a table/shelf *filled* with Paddington's, YSL, Balenciaga etc, with no signs, or decorum at all!!

    Sorry not to have been more help!

  12. they were actually very helpful via e-mail, but unfortunately denied having any paddingtons for less than full price :huh: in the store. oh well!