1/2 off sale?

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  1. Explain to me this half off sale at neimans:
  2. are you thinking of the buy 2 get $400 off?

    if so, that ended on saturday.

    if not, then :yahoo: i hope there's another sale cause i missed the buy2 sale!
  3. the 2 buy 2 sale is over
  4. I missed it too... kicking myself over that one! The one time I go on vacation and bam! NM has a sale. ugh.
  5. Well, let me tell you what happened to me. I went in on a Saturday (before the sale started on the following Wednesday) and bought the only Bouton D'or and Turquoise citys they had. I grabbed them because the color and leather was absolutely perfect!! Then I got the card in the mail on Monday about the 2 buy 2 sale!!! Okay, so I go back in on that Friday and ask them if the wallets were included in the sale and was told NO, no accessories, just bags. Drat! So then I read here on TPF Saturday afternoon about different members getting wallets, etc., on the 2 buy 2 sale. That really made me angry that NM told me one thing and then did something else. I was also disappointed that I had bought the 2 bags on the previous Saturday and they didn't tell me about the sale coming up. I do know that the 2 bags I bought would have been gone by Wednesday though because they were extraordinary and they only had one of each color.

    I guess in the end it is okay because I got the 2 bags I wanted, but it still was veryyyy disappointing! I would have bought the wallets though, because they had several colors I wanted. Oh well, their loss I guess.....(or was it mine?????).:confused1::sad::hysteric::wtf:
  6. ^i read about some members being allowed to return bags they bought JUST before the sale & then re-buy them again. Did you ask about that?

    it is disappointing. i'm just hoping the sale will come about again... but i guess at that time one would only really be saving $200 b/c the prices are going to be going up on bal's.
  7. Yes, I did ask the SA I know there, and she said "oh I'm so sorry we can't do that"!!
    So I was completely out of luck. :tdown:
  8. ^^ she mustve been lieing! because i've done it before @ nm
  9. Oh no, I def. think she should have let your return/rebuy them. You just bought the 48hrs previous... it's not like you were asking it return bags you bought weeks/months ago.
  10. Saks is having a buy 2 handbags - get a $400 gc. Also get triple points. There's a thread in deals n steals forum. The 2 bags must be more than $1,000.00 combined. Different SA are "allowing" different purchases (such as a handbag/wallet). Anyway, maybe those who missed the NM event could get something from Saks.
  11. The regular SA I always deal with was off on leave caring for his very sick Mother. This other one is nice and always helpful, but she said they couldn't. I didn't have them with me that day (Friday) anyway, so would have had to take them back there Saturday. I plan to talk with my SA about what happened, as I have spent a lot of $$$ with them and don't appreciate that.

    THANKS for telling us about the Sak's promotion!! My Sak's here does not carry Bal, but I can call the ones who do and get that deal. Thank you so much!!
  12. Can you tell me which Saks store carry Balenciaga??? Would appreciate the info so I can call and see what they have......TIA.
  13. PMed you.
  14. It's a $400 GIFT CARD not $400 OFF :confused1:
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