1/2 Off Dylan Croc Sale...Plus 35% off

  1. Turquoise! I saw it and I just loved the way it looked!
    This is my first LP purchase.. so I'm really excited to see how the quality is. LP bags and wallets look SO soft.. the leather looks to die for -- I'm excited!
  2. Hi plumeriarose, I've seen it IRL and it's not quite as orange as the image from couture candy, but it is a nice shade and you will love it:yes:.
  3. teaparties: I had weakened and bought the turquoise wallet as well. :amuse: I already have the wallet in viola and yellow, but I couldn't resist! Yes, the leather on the LP bags is soft and smooshy...and I had initially thought the croc would be hard and stiff, but it's not! I don't know how they do it! Let us know when you receive it, and what you think, okay?

  4. Frenchie, I am really looking forward to getting it. I just received an email telling me it has shipped, so hopefully I will get it by next week. Now I am intrigued about the color. Is it more of a mustard color? I didn't mind the orange tones. I guess I am being adventurous! I am actually going to buy outfits, so I can work this bag in, lol!
  5. Topaz is not mustard. Dijon is the mustard color. The image posted http://www.couturecandy.com/linea-pelle/dylan-crocodile-shoulder-bag-/product-enlarge.html is a very flat orange, the real topaz shimmers with an orangy glow over gold, like turning leaves.

    How they do it: washed lambskin hand-embossed croc pattern.
    Not as soft as the regular LP, because embossing compresses the leather, stiffening it a little in the process, adding a little more body

    The wallets are perfect, everything stays in place comfortably.

    The colors are 3 dimensional because of the dye/wash/emboss

  6. Geez, am waiting on my topaz shoulder and emerald double zippy. You guys want to make me go order another!
  7. mm2tahoe: When you get the emerald double zippy, can you post photos please? I can't seem to find any photos posted of any of the Dylans in emerald. :shrugs:

  8. HOLY-NOT-FAIR!!!! i went to order another shoulder in emerald this afternoon and they wouldnt let me use the luckybreaks code,,,it said id used up all of my turns!!!! man that sucks!!! all i wanted was just one more,,, in the emerald,,, now im fumin!!!:cursing: :cursing:
  9. ^^ I had no idea there was a limit!!
  10. ^ Yeah, I think each customer can only use the code a measly two times! I ordered a croc wallet then a Danielle clutch in separate orders, and when I was experimenting with something else in my shopping bag, I got the error message that I'd hit the limit for the code already. :sad:

    just1morebag, how many orders had you placed using the code before you got the error message?
  11. Glad that you grabbed one too!
    I will be sure to let you all know! :smile: You as well!
  12. well,,, i think it was 3 times,,, before i found out about that code ..i bought a turq wallet w/ the gooship code,,, and it gave me free shipping,, wow,,,
  13. Is there a free ship code in addition to the lucky code?

    I am debating whether or not to get another croco shoulder...I already ordered the turquoise which should be arriving today. Should I get a topaz or emerald shoulder? I love the style but I am not sure that I could work either of those colors into my wardrobe. I'm thinking of being good and just ordering a couple of wallets...they look gorgeous and I need a summer wallet.
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    ^^ You can also use GOOLP15 for 15% off...that should still work, if you've used your limit of LUCKYBREAKS4 code. :idea:

    JC0812: I'd get the topaz!
  15. So glad you posted Stormy...that Couture Candy photo looks like a blob of orange sherbet to me, not a LP croco bag.