1/2" Legacy Stripe Bangle - bummer

  1. So my SA told me I could order a legacy bangle with the PCE by fax. Apparently, on Friday there were 5 available according to the computer. An SA called me today and told me that it was no longer available!! :wtf:

    She said I could get something else with the discount, but I am going out of town soon and I don't want to settle for something else.

    Did anyone get one yet? I noticed that the online availability date was pushed back from the 29th to the 12th.
  2. This happened with me with the pave peace sign keychain. I really wanted one but my SA could not find one anywhere (even though they were still popping up on coach.com). I have one, but bought it back in December. If you can get one (even at full price), I say go for it. It is very cute and goes with so much.