1, 2, 3 , My 3 New Additions........

  1. My Oct 3 new purchases, sharing with your ladies here are:-

    1) '06 Grenat Work


    2) '06 Silver Boobie/Planet


    3) '07 Violet Envelope Clutch


    :dothewave: :dothewave:

  2. All 3 are perfection! I esp. love the WOrk, congrats!
  3. :nuts: WoW~ Congrats!!! So pretty :heart:

    I just brought a violet work and a bronze boobie, maybe I should put my boobie on my work too...
  4. Congrats! Love the Boobie/Planet!
  5. Thanks, bal newbie, DollyGirl & LV&Lexus07.

  6. Congrats on your new violet work & bronze boobie, would love to see your post pics.

    Btw, did u buy the violet work in rh or gsh? I'm scouting high & low for a violet work in gsh. Still no luck!:sad:
  7. congrats nada..love ur silver boobie
  8. love your violet clutch and grenat work!!
  9. congrats! congrats! congrats!
  10. Wonderful additions, great choice , the clutch is hot, the work chic casual and the boobie fun.....perfect. Congrats!
  11. the clutch is beautiful! congrats for your new additions!
  12. Nice pieces! Congrats! :tup:
  13. Oh!!! I really want your silver boobie! Too too cute!!! love the grenat work and clutch too! but the silver..:drool::drool::drool:
  14. love the clutch! congrats!
  15. auey82, rensky, glossie, Benzie, msbuttercup, Simona7, gunatherlips, many thanks. :flowers::flowers::flowers: