1-2-3...4? 5? When is "too much"?


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Dec 27, 2008

I've had a great year... 3 LV's some accesorries, 3 Guccis... Handbag wise its been great. (And from many of your great collections I'm sure you can say the same)

I buy all my bags on bonuses (ie I get quarterly bonuses with my employer)... So its not like I'm swiping away.

When is it "too many" LV's for one year? I just bought an Azur Speedy and have a few other LV bags. I'm still lusting over the Damier Hampstead MM and the Mono Galleria PM...

I know this sounds petty... But where I live *nobody* really has LVs (except a few ppl... But there's tons of fakes). I run into some gals that I went to high school with at Starbucks a few mornings a week... They always make me feel guilty and say "how do you have so many LV bags?" OR "are they ALL real?"


I guess I'm asking you guys... When you have such an extensive collection (at least 5+ LV bags plus a ton of other designers) and people who *know* you well start judging you and doing the math like my MIL (ie "misslianne you have 4 LV bags at $1000/ea ...you spent $4000 on bags?") People I don't know I don't care about.

My question to you is: as much as we all love LV is there ever a point when you say.... I have enough (even though you want more?) OR feel guilty? Even if you can financially afford it.... Do you have a line?

...Enable me to get my 2 wishlist bags! hehe


Jun 21, 2008
Nope... I never get enough! I don't care as long as I have the funds to buys bags...I will because that is "my thing"!!!! Also, as long as I am drooling over a bag...I am going to continue to buy bags...it is so funny because everyone has "their thing" but I think "bag buyers" literally get the MOST FLACK!!!! My own sister was fighting me for one of my bags and feels she should get it because I have so many...and doesn't compute the fact that I USE ALL OF MY BAGS!!!!!! Gon' git yo bags MissLianne...LOL!!!!


Jun 21, 2008
It used to be if I could financially afford it, then there was no line.

Now that I have kids, college funds to save for, etc I had to draw a line. I do cross the line on occassion, but there is a line.

I think that it really depends on how much discretionary funds you have & what other personal commitments you have.
Well said Haven!!!


Nov 24, 2005
Rhode Island, USA
MissLianne, what you decide to spend your cheese on is up to you. If you can afford the 2 items on your wishlist, then go for them.

As an aside, right now I feel I have too many bags I don't use. It won't stop me from buying new ones, instead it just makes me pause to sell the unused bags before buying something new.


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May 26, 2008
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I think it's "too much" when:
1. You start to get in debt for purse addiction;
2. You spend so much money on purses on a long term basis that you don't save enough;
3. You have so many bags bought on impulse that you hardly use OR have to incur losses to sell them just to clear the clutter and reorganise your wardrobe.

I'm guilty of spending a bomb on bags too so am learning to cut down, haha.


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Oct 2, 2006
Like Div4life said, everyone has their thing! Yours just happens to be bags! People who know me IRL rarely comment about my bags anymore. I used to get a lot of flack...I've just learned to be more discreet with my LV! If I'm going to see my mom, I'll carry an Epi or Mahina...she doesn't even realize it's an LV. I carry my Mono Speedy and I'm bound to hear a comment on how much it costs! So, mono stays home if I'm visiting mom! I have on occasion pointed out to someone what I feel they waste their money on. That really shuts them up! That may be why I rarely get flack anymore!

Anyways...back to your original question...if ya can afford it than I say go for it! It's your bonus spend it how you want! You earned it! Ya def. have to get the Mono Galliera! It's one of my favorite bags!!!


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May 2, 2006
London, England
For me, I wouldn't buy more than 3 bags per season, excluding accessories and footwear. Mainly because I think 3 bags is plenty to use for one season, as well as bags from previous seasons.