$1,175 for a Gingerbreadman purse!

  1. Is it just me or does this remind you of a Gingerbread man? Seriously someone was baking something when they made this purse and I think it was BROWNIES!

    Available at Neimanmarcus.com by Henry Beguelin for the food lover in you, at a mere $1,175.

  2. If you take the gingerbread man off, it's kinda good.
  3. are they keeping track of how many pedestrians they run over?
  4. Hahhaa.. how hideous !

    I personally prefer to eat gingerbreadmen (see my avatar ! ;)), not carry them !
  5. Lol, or rather how many guys they had to doink over the head with the purse.:roflmfao:

    Hey, maybe a voodoo purse. Stick some pins in it and see if anyone screams.:lol:
  6. LOL! It sort of looks like something a caveman drew on a wall in a cave. Nothing I'd want on the side of one of my bags...
  7. the person that created that bag should be shot...LMAO..poor bag...
  8. Wow! I wouldn't pay over $1000 if I'm getting a kiddie purse.
  9. It was a great bag until the designer went just too far. He just couldn't stop himself. Either that or he dripped some of his lunch on it and needed to cover up a spot or two.
  10. I like it!! I don't exactly have $1,175 and if I did I would use it to pay for something else, but I would rock it
  11. The bag would look okay if it wasnt for that little walk signal man on the front. Maybe the back has the stop signal with the hand?? :roflmfao:
  12. i see it

    but now i'm hungry
  13. LMAO. I like Henry Beguelin, but I don't like that purse.... LOL
  14. it does look like what all the well-dressed cave people will be wearing this year.
  15. I was laughing over your post, and my laughter got louder when I say that you are called "SerenitySue"!:yes: