$1 = 10 points night at Nordstrom!

  1. at Valley Fair store in Santa Clara, CA! It is on Sunday, May 7, from 7-10pm only! Please check with the Nordstrom near you as my SA said not all stores are having it on the same day/date. Please call Georgette at (408) 248-2180 x1250 if can't make it at the store.

    I guess I should say that this sale is for Nordstrom cardholders only. :biggrin:
  2. wow! thanks Pnay71! I live 5 mins away from teh Valley Fair store, so maybe I'll bump into you on Sunday night :smile:
  3. I actually won't be in the Bay Area this weekend. I'm going to San Diego which is why Georgette told me that I can just call her and give her my card number if there is anything I want to buy. She wasn't sure they have the same deal in San Diego.

    Are you in Santa Clara or San Jose? I live on N 1st...about 10 mins from Valley Fair.
  4. Oh San Diego! How fun!

    I will most definitely be at Nordstrom on Sunday night, although I heard you have to be invited for this? I used to get invites all the time for the SF store, not so much from VF anymore since I moved back to San Jose. I live in Cupertino, about 2 highway exit down from VF.
  5. I don't think you need an invite for this because I didn't get one. I was verbally told (this pm) by Georgette. If you want, bring everything you want to purchase down to handbags and look for her. She will gladly ring it up for this deal. You can mention my name, if you want.
  6. Not sure how long you'll be in SD, but SD nights are:

    Horton Plaza - May 9 (Usually doesn't require an invite--open to the public)

    UTC in La Jolla - May 10 (I think it requires an invite)

    Fashion Valley - May 11 (definitely requires an invite)
  7. I got a call from Nordstrom and they're having this event in Brea Mall too. It's this Sun 5/7 starting at 7pm.
  8. This is a Nordstroms related Q for you guys, how do you like Nordstroms card? I have Blooming & Barney's card but I have NEVER gotten anythign from them before... thinking about canceling and switching to Nordstroms. Any suggestions? Also does anyone know if there is Nordstroms in NY? Relocating this summer... Thanks!! ;)
  9. Personally, I LOVE my Nordy's Visa card--it's my primary card. But I've seen that the interest rate can be REALLY bad if you're someone that carries a balance. They have different tiers of interest rates, I think my APR is 7% which is on their low-end of the spectrum.

    I have a Signature Visa--whatever that means--but the perk is I'm automatically invited to all private events, like Customer Appreciation Night. It's also nice getting the little gift certificates whenever you hit 2000 points.

    If you don't use those cards, you might as well close them. But don't apply for too many cards either since that can hurt your credit rating. There are Nordstrom stores in White Plains & Garden City in NY. I have NO idea where those places are... But if you go to nordstrom.com, you can look for store locations:

  10. Stonestown Nordstrom in San Francisco is having it on Friday, 5/5.
  11. yuppp. going on sunday at glendale galleria, CA
  12. :P

    :P thank you for the info! I think I am going to get Nordstrom Card and cancel my other ones!
  13. I went last night here in Colorado - I didn't even know it was 10/1; I just wanted to go since it was invite only.

    I will be getting a very nice reward certificate in the mail in a few weeks - ten points for every dollar spent was very lucrative for me.