1,001 Posts.... Yay for tPF!!!

  1. I know this is a drop in the bucket for many of you ladies and gents, but I just wanted to say I realized I hit 1,000 posts!

    Sometime this summer, I was just poking around on Google for resources on how to authenticate Louis Vuitton purses, which I've had a passion for since 2001... and I came across several threads on tPF. Before I knew it I was totally addicted!

    Thank you Megs and Vlad for creating such a great blog and forum, and thank you to you all for making this such a great community! It really is amazing how people can come together on the Internet.

    Here's to several more thousand posts!
  2. well done!!!! roll on the next 1000 :biggrin:
  3. Congrats!
  4. Haha we have the same 'tPF story'!!!! So funny how quickly it all happens!!!
    So many wonderful ladies and gents here...love you all...
    and congrats on making 1,000 posts!!!!!
  5. Congratulations! This place sure is addicting!!
  6. Congrats.......:tpfrox: