$1,000 to spend on any bag...

  1. I have $1,000 to spend on a bag.

    But I have NO idea what bag I should get.

    Do you guys have any opinions?

    Please post pics tooo!

    I like LV,Chanel,Gucci, Marc Jacobs,Fendi ...and whatever else! Just show me something nice!!!

    I need help on deciding! :biggrin:

    Or you can put this thread this way : " IF YOU HAD 1,000 TO SPEND ON ANY BAG, WHICH WOULD IT BE?
  2. If I had $1,000 to spend on any bag, I would pick the Chloe Silverado Doctor bag in tan. oh wait, I think it's OVER $1,000. There are lots to choose from. Do you have any color, size or shape preferences?

  3. No shape pref.

    But I like to stick with either BLACK OR BROWN bags just to make my warbdrobe easier. lol

    I like big bags mostly!

  4. LV bags definitely...I just fell in love with the brand, so I would spend $1000 for it. I want an Azur speedy 25 and a Vernis French Wallet. LV Lockit Horizontal($965) is a great big bag (in my must buy list).

  5. thank u for the idea!

    an azur speedy wouldnt be bad. then i would have some $ left for a wallet..lol

  6. i would buy more balenciaga bags :yahoo:
  7. Balenciaga bags, chanel or chloe
  8. So you like big bags? Do you prefer over the shoulder bags or hand held? Zip or open top?
  9. No Fakes
  10. ATTENTION BENBEN, posting a link for your FAKE SITE is prohibited here!

    try lock it or speedy 30
  11. Balenciaga :biggrin:
  12. I would get a Balenciaga City bag in BLUEBERRY!! :yes: Well... that is if I could find one in that color anywhere!!

    Otherwise... Just a Balenciaga City in general!!!
  13. Maybe a small chanel? Like from the cambon line? Or maybe a classic chanel?

    In LV -- ellipse or speedy
  14. im so addicted right now, i would just go LV. we have different style, but i am into the geant belier. so bad.
  15. but otherwise, the LV epi speedy 25 in black!