1,000 post and LV...

  1. :drinkup: Cheers!!!

    This is officially my 1,000th post!

    With that said, I am going to be visiting the LV store tomorrow - either Michigan Ave. boutique, Saks on Mich. Ave. or the LV section at Macy's at Oak Brook Center...probably all 3...I love to window shop!

    Anyway, I will be picking something up to celebrate - but what I don't know...I know it will be from the monogram collection and it won't be a purse or anything - most likely another assesory.

    Yesterday, I had to buy a new snowblower $400 and change....plus, then my furnace went out and the service call cost me $560.00!!

    Needless to say that scrapped the idea of picking up a Speedy which is next on my list or a Keepall -also on my future list...so we shall...

  2. Congrats!!! Winter will be over soon;)
  3. congrats!!!! hope you find something you like in all 3 stores...
  4. congrats...keepall is on my want list too
  5. Congratulations! I still have a waaaay before I can boast posting my 1000th post! Lol!

    Have fun window shopping, and let us know if you see anything that sparks your fancy!
  6. Congrats! Sorry about the delay.
  7. thanks everyone....if it only took me 2 mos to get to 1,000- maybe I will buy my Speedy when i get to 2,000 - that is if my house doesn't sell before then - my goal - house sells, buy speedy 30 or 35....only time will tell! Either way I will buy a speedy - maybe even bigger and use it as a weekend duffle and buy the Speedy 40 - I think there is such thing as a 40, right???
  8. Congrats on your 1000 post!!

    Sorry about the other things that came up you had to buy...I totally know how that feels!! One of my Chihuahuas had to have a tumor taken off of his foot yesterday and on Tuesday my other Chihuahua has to get a dental cleaning!! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ not put toward LV!! LOL oh well they are more important!!
  9. Awww poor little doggies!! Is he okay?? I know vet bills are CRAZY expensive, but my kitties are like my children :smile:
  10. Isn't it amazing how fast these posts add up?? I look at mine and can't believe how many I have! Congrats on 1000! Happy shopping!
  11. Thanks, yea - 1000 posts - BagLadie, you are on a roll too and you will be celebrating your 1000th post in no time - what fun!!!
  12. A snowblower! I just moved from Southern California to Arizona, I dont even own a winter coat!
  13. Congrats! Isn't it amazing when we buy things (like snowblowers) and think "gee...that's almost a speedy" LOL
  14. its ok! it comes fast!
  15. Yep...I have a speedy 40 and It's fantastic. Enjoy your shopping trip tomorrow;) .