09C Light Beige Caviar Jumbo Flap or SS09 Gray Caviar Jumbo Flap

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Please help me vote the jumbo flap that you love the most

  1. 09C Beige Caviar Jumbo Flap with Gold Hardware

  2. SS09 Gray Caviar Jumbo Flap

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hello Ladies :smile:
    Please help me choose between these 2 classic flaps.
    1. Cruise 09 Light Beige Caviar Jumbo Flap with Gold Hardware
    2. Spring/Summer 09 Gray Caviar Calf Jumbo Flap

    I currently have one black caviar classic flap, one pink lambskin classic flap, one black GST, one large black coco cabas, one 'in and out' dark purple flap and one pale rose accordian flap.

    Thank you very much for your help ladies! :heart:
  2. I chose 1. Totally love the new beige.
  3. Hi! :smile: Definitely the light beige (I'm getting one too hopefully!), unless you like soft, smushy caviar that Chanel is doing for spring. :smile: If you're after a grey bag, I'd go for a matte grey reissue instead. JMHO! :heart:
  4. Do you know how the gray caviar looks like already?

    I think the light beige will fit in really well into your collection though.
  5. i would loveeee to see how the gray caviar looks like...i mean what kinnda gray??
  6. I love the light beige and in general I'm not a beige person -- but just beige perfection!
  7. I really need a picture of the gray caviar to make my vote. It really depends what shade of grey.

    I do however LOVE the light beige.
  8. ^^^same here.....depends what shade of grey.
  9. I have the beige and love it so you know how I voted! It seems like grays abound thoughout the year but a pretty clean beige is rare IMO.
  10. grey caviar sounds gorgeous!
  11. my vote goes to the gray! you can always get the beige later since its the classic collection, but the gray is only for the SS09 collection!
  12. Is the grey caviar something like the charcoal from past season? then I am not loving it.
    Get the light beige, it's a beautiful color!!
  13. beige definitely.
  14. I agree :yes: Love the light beige, but would love to see a picture of the grey caviar first.
  15. Dear ladies :smile:

    Thank you very much for all your responses :heart:

    I think the shade of gray for SS09 is the shade of gray of the Timeless CC Accordian Flap in the photo by Veronica_ling.

    Veronica, I hope you do not mind me using your photo. Thank you.

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