08S/S Capucine Sneakers in Monogram / Multicolor

  1. What do you think of these sneakers... I'm siding on the low monogram canvas tho the multicolor is adorable too

    multicolor has been released but any dates on the release for the monogram canvas sneakers? Is it limited and do I have to reserve it prior?

  2. I like almost anything in MC!!! Although if I was a girl and was contemplating on getting these, I'd be scared of getting these dirty. :sweatdrop:

  3. does anyone have a pic of the monogram canvas one?
  4. the multicolour is SOOO CUTE!!!! (especially for a girl) i'd definitely get that one
  5. Both sounds delicious!

    Anyone have pics of both?
  6. are they allready released? if so, january 26 i will buy them :biggrin: (the higher ones)
    i love all stars so lv 'all stars'= HEAVEN ;)
    i have tought about wearing them with my MC speedy but i read a comment from deluxeduck somewhere that matching your shoes to your bag is the same no-no as wearing jeans and a jeansjacket
    i HATE jeans+jeansjacket :p so maybe i shouldn't wear them with my mc speedy ;)
  7. btw pictures are in the summary s/s 2008 pics thread!! page 3 of 4 if i'm not mistaken
  8. I think they are cute, but I agree with John the MC will lbe hard to keep clean. Also I think they will look awful once they are dirty.
  9. I saw them IRL and they're so cute. I wouldn't get them though because I would freak out if I got them dirty.

  10. I just bought meselfs a pair in the white multicolor....they look great w/ my white multi-color Ursula bag and dark skinny jeans methinks!!:tup:
  11. Theoretically speaking I agree w/ this rule of thumb, however, since the monogram is smaller in scale than the bags, and if your particular white multi-color bag has alot of details such as calfskin leather, brass, etc. ie. Ursula the combo is not too matchy matchy. Using your analogy regarding the jeans w/ jean jacket, the same thing applies, you can wear denim w/ denim as long as its different in color, For example, white or light blue jean jacket dark or darker rinse jeans.

    This is just my wee opinion.:graucho:
  12. could you please post pics of the shoes and with an outfit? i want them so bad!
  13. Im not sure if you were requesting this from me or not. I will over the next week ask my daughter to take a pic. Both purse and bag are in their sleeper bags since I wont be wearing them for the next few months (winter and slushy snow up here in Canada). I have worn them already while in Florida last week where I bought them.:tup:
  14. yes i was requesting it from you ;) thanks in advance, would love to see pics!
  15. I will try to do so over the next couple of weeks. Have to rely on my 14 year old to take them. Stay tuned. In the meanwhile, I am going to also get the capucine brown monogram in the hightops to match my Manhatten GM. These will be a bit more versatile since the color will carry me from spring to fall vs. the white ones which I can really only wear from May-October in my climate.:crybaby:
    Take care.