08 Turquoise OR 09 Mandarin?

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  1. I'm about to purchase my first balenciaga bag!:yahoo:

    But i'm still confused in which colour to choose. Frankly speaking i'm leaning more towards the turquoise because it's such a lovely blue colour. But i'm afraid it will fade easily just like any other blue bbags :thinking:

    Girls, help please~ :cry:
  2. I think you should go for the one you want the most - sounds like that is the turqoise :smile: You want your first Bbag to be one you love, so you can enjoy it and not always wonder if you should have got the other colour instead.
  3. turquoise!!!! i've heard mandarin fades also.....
  4. I'd go for Mandarin. It is a lovely colour, my friend has one and it is holding up well. :smile: what style & hardware are you thinking of getting first?
  5. Go for the Turq! I have a makeup in Turq, and leather conditioner has helped keep fading at bay.
  6. turquoise for me
  7. Turquoise for me too :smile: - as long as you don't expose it to light or sun it shouldn't fade much..
  8. I'm getting the Classic PT :smile:
  9. I would go for Turquoise, such a pretty color. :smile:
  10. Me too, I would go for Turquoise:heart: But you should follow your heart and choose the color you like the most! I think the fading also depends on how you use the bag, i.e. it fades more easily in the sun. I have a 07 French Blue City and it hasn't faded at all.
  11. Turquoise.
  12. turquoise is known to fade but of the two, it would probably be my choice for a handbag because i personally can't see myself carrying a mandarin one.

    i'd rather wait and find a mandarin cp or something small to satisfy the want for that colour! goodluck, any bag you choose will be perfect anyway!
  13. Do you "baby" it so it wouldn't fade?
  14. No, haven't yet. I live in Norway where there's not much sun anyway:lol: and I don't take her out in the rain and snow either.
  15. turquoise!
    it would go with a lot more and i feel like it's not a color that you could get sick of very easily.
    if i had the turquoise, i would just bring it out every 5 seconds just to look at it :biggrin:
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