08 Turquoise First now available at Bal NY!

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  1. Kim just sent me a picture of mine, this is the last of the SS08 bags I am expecting.

    Can't wait for FW08!



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  2. Congrats :love: the color's a pop and the leather is so beautiful !
  3. pretty pretty pretty! i've just sent my order into AR! and i think bluegigi is getting one too! JL it's all your fault (j/k)!
  4. I love, love this color, and in a first!! amazing, congrats!
  5. Very pretty, congrats!! :flowers:
  6. Wow, the color on that Turquoise looks gorgeous!!
  7. Gorgeous! In the first it will be a perfect pop of color.
  8. so pretty! congrats :smile:
  9. that's a gorgeous bag, congrats!
  10. Wow that is the nicest 08 Turq that I've seen!!