08 Turq rh partime?

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  1. hey everyone~

    hope this is in the right place (I'm a bbag newbie!) anyways I was hoping to find the new turq in RH in a part time (I think- I want something styled like the first/city but bigger- any other suggestions maybe??)

    Does this bag even exist? Ive called around a few places and they've told me they have the bag but with the GSH or GGH which I'm not a big fan of..... does anyone have any info? I'd be in your debt forever!!!
  2. Yes the part time is longer than the city, but shorter. It will hold more than the city. I am going to be getting a city soon and have my eye on a part time. I would suggest calling Bal NY and asking for Kim. She is a good SA. You also might try checking with Saks at Boca Raton as they carry Bal. There was a thread a bit ago saying the Barney's in Dallas had alot of bal bags. With the NM and Saks sales this past weekend not certain how there stock is right now at those two stores.
  3. Yep, I tried one today @ BalNY...gorgeous!!
    212-206-0872, my SA's name is Cynthia
  4. Thanks for the suggestions ronsdiva and BethC! I did a frantic search today and I actually found one at Bal LA! So excited to get my first Bbag! :yahoo: Ronsdiva you were right about NM and Saks, everywhere I called was wiped out! psI love your avatar :P
  5. Congratulations! It's a gorgeous bag! Post pics when you get her!
  6. Bosvluton, glad you were able to find one. I hope you post pics when you get her. I do love my CL roccia NP's.

    My sister lives in Phoenix and I love the big mall in Scottsdale (can't remember the name, but it is off of Camelback)...Sigh, it is warm there now not cold & rainy like our weather today.
  7. You should come visit! The weather here has been perfect lately... you know when its nice and warm (70-80s) but not the nasty hot it gets here in the summer and cool at night! Just amazing! Although I do have to say that while the Neiman's at the Fashion Square Mall has a decent selection, its not great...