08 SS Paddington Plexi - What do you think?

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  1. Was just wondering if any of you had a chance to lay your hands on a 08 SS Paddington Plexi. The one I'm talking about is an oversized bag. I haven't been really into Chloe for long, but when I research in the forum (ha!) I find Chloe seldom do oversize bags. Or maybe it's just my imagination...

    Here it is:


    I think this bag is absolutely gorgeous. I held it a few times in a high end department store (I live in Hong Kong btw), it is sooooooooooo light comparing to other paddys. Simply because the lock is no longer made of brass / silver / whatever metal, it's plexi! It gives the bag such a modern feeling. And the leather!!!! It's as soft as ever!

    Now here comes the question: in HK they only offer the white and the silver colour (in that particular high end department store). I have yet to visit the Chloe store. So I research frantically online to see if there are other colours. You see, a colour as light as white or sand (available in EU I believe) is prone to stains, pen marks etc. So if I am really to buy one I wanna get a darker colour. Then I bumped into this:


    http://www.bluefly.com/pages/products/detail.jsp?PRODUCT<>prd_id=2083656199&FOLDER<>folder_id=2056196515&cm_pla=2178999&cm_ven=CJ&referer=cjunction_2178999_10436858_9683500&cm_cat=1909792&cm_ite=Chloe chocolate sheepskin 'Paddington' medium satchel

    This looks like a different size and a different colour but similar shape.

    So, has any of you seen other colours for the oversized bag? Inputs and pics are welcomed!

    Also, what do you girls think of the plexi lock? I've seen so many paddys with metal lock. This seems to be a bit... odd. I mean it's all modern and light, but the plexi sort of loses part of the charm of the paddy... Or am I just paranoid about changes/improvements??

    Inputs, ladies. Inputs.
  2. i like the bottom one, it looks cute. im not really into the first one, cux it's like the YLS muse + a pad lock
  3. If I had not just banned myself until Fall 2008, I would be hunting down the first Paddy like an animal. I love the idea of the new Lucite lock. Let's face it, the metal lock is darn heavy!
    I don't think it loses its charm at all.
  4. Holy crap, the sand one is quite possibly the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! It looks delicious! :drool:
  5. The plexi locks are beautiful to look at. With one possible con....Plexi is essentially plastic, and I know for a fact that after a period of time, they tend to harden and that will lead to cracking and chipping. I have the same concern with Saskia handles, so am still debating about that....(Oops, what am I talking about:confused1:, in a bag ban here :P ). Plus, the lock is spring loaded, and I don't know how reliable are the springs after prolong use. Some chloe ladies, including me, already got problems with our metal padlock from 05 stock, and I don't know if the plexi lock will be as durable as the metal ones. Plus, the Chloe boutique in the US is not that "user-friendly" in terms of ordering a replacement lock.

    Just a thought, before spending $2K on a bag with the padlock potentially breakingin a couple of years.

    Other than this, I love the look. Have you seen the other ones with black and amber padlocks?? I almost ordered the padlocks by themselves just to use as bag charm:heart::heart:.
  6. Love the first one.......absolutely beautiful!! I saw that bag IRL at NM, it's a WOW bag for me. Re: the lock, I really don't use my lock as a functioning lock, for me it's just there for adornment, but I see your point acshih, however,......you would think spending $2K on a bag, the lucite would be of 'space age' quality.

    Oh, WOW, black and amber......bet that is beautiful.
  7. This white bag shown at the top is on my wish list should I come into some big money. I have held it at Neiman Marcus and it is pretty spectacular and very lightweight - not only because of the plastic lock but because of the leather. It is much thinner and I think that's because it is sheepskin? It is a crisper leather too. These variations have turned off Chloe purists used to the plush thick Paddies of yore. I don't think the plexi locks are workable??? ANyway - one of these days I will get this bag and -oh yes - it comes in black as well at Neiman's at Plaza Frontenac in Missouri.
  8. have to say went to brown thomas today and the sa said they had already have two bags returned as the locks broke the new plastic ones ! also the the new small paddington bags they have changed the leather and the lock to make it lighter me no like!!
  9. I like the color of the first one. But it is so huge!! :smile:
  10. It don't do it for me!!
  11. I haven't seen the black and amber padlocks!!!!! Must go to Chloe boutique very soon!

    Yah... spending $2k on a bag that I would ruin for sure is the only thing stopping me buying this oh-my-god-so-gorgeous bag. I didn't know about the vulnerable padlock problem though, coz when I first saw the bag, I think the lock is just there for the style. I prolly would use the zipper a lot. Since the bag is so huge, openning one side of the zipper would be sufficient to get anything out of the bag. Hope the lock'll remain one whole piece within the first 3 years (wishful thinking).

    My concern is the leather. I never had a regular paddington before but I heard the leather itself is really thick and durable. This one, according to divnanata, is made of thinner sheep skin. I'm so worried that it might get punctured or something... (do not underestimate my super clumsiness)

    PLUS, after looking at the bag again and again, I think the style actually suits lighter colour... Anyone with expirience of caring light colour leather bags? Please shed some lights... I had a non-leather white bag once and I had pen marks on it, dunno how to get rid of them so I just leave it in the back of my closet altogether. But that's a 30 dollar bag. I wouldn't want the same happen to a $2k bag :crybaby:

    Forgive me for being so indecisive... if I buy this it will be my first ever premium designer bag, I really need to think before I buy...:sweatdrop:
  12. Love it~ And the color! And the lock! I love the whole thing! Nice spin on the paddy!
  13. Oops I jumped to conclusions and didnt even see the second one! It's pretty cute but I like the big one better!

  14. Gasp!!!!!!! You did WHAT????

    I find out more about my sister on this board then I do IRL, LOL!

    Hey it looked spectacular on Div and the leather all though thin, was treated in a manner that made the bag very durable. Yes it's big but surprisingly light. A fabulous Summer purse (what the heck Spring, Winter, Fall too!!!!!!!).
  15. I couldn't stand these bags at first but now I LOOOOOVE them LOL! Someone on the Chloe forum has one in the sand - or perhaps a different (but still a taupe-ish) colour and it's gorgeous!