08 SS Metallic Blk Reissue w/ GH or SH?????

  1. I was just confused about what hardware do Chanel made for SS 08 black metallic reissue?? I called several boutiques and I was told that blk met reissue only came with silver hardware. But I did see it with gold hardware from some truck show pics at NM or Nordy.

    Do Chanel boutiques not receive any blk met reissue w/ gh??

    TIA :yes:
  2. i've been on the search for the 08 ss metallic blk w/GH. was told by the chanel boutiques that they only bought the silver w/metallic blk this season, no gold. was told the same thing by Saks. NM told me they did indeed buy the gold this season, but there's a long waiting list and my best chances was to go to the trunk show and get on the pre-order list. i finally found one at a chanel in Nordstrom's after contacting Nordstrom's cust service. they had 3 left in the company, 2 on hold and 1 had just become available. i had it sent to me. you should check there - maybe there will be some returns or hold cancellations...
  3. NM should have it, i got mine from there about 2 weeks ago, good luck finding one!
  4. I think that I've seen it with GH and SH, but I can't remember where.
  5. My 08 SS Metallic blk w GH
    Resize of MB227.jpg
  6. I saw the matte gold hardware metallic black reissue in 226 (I think) @ Short Hills Mall in NJ on Feb 8th. The Chanel boutique had the metallic black with that darker shiny silver hardware it did not seem like a bright silver but more like what I have on my 07 metallic dark silver card case, I may be wrong because I was rushing looking at it but to the best of my recollection it was that shade. Anyway I too was told the Chanel boutique will not had the MB GH combo.