08 reissue price in paris?

  1. hi, could anyone tell me the reissue price in paris? my friend is there and i am thinking if it's worth the effort to buy it there.

  2. sorry i only know that the 225 is 1590 euros ~ i have ordered a 226 but i am still waiting on the price :girlsigh: ~ i think in general they are approx £25~30 more expensive than UK prices
  3. I am in Paris now.
    226 is 1780 euros
    227 is 1890 euros
  4. Are the prices inclusive or exclusive of VAT?
  5. It should be inclusive of VAT and they only accept bank transfers from international orders.
  6. Thanks so much for the info, i'm going there on Sunday and wanted to have an idea!
  7. Thanks!! :flowers:
  8. bit confused now, if those include VAT, then it'll be much cheaper for me since i live in US? what's the price exclude VAT then?
  9. ^ i think vat is around 12%
  10. since you will be bringin it outside of europe, they will deduct vat :smile:
  11. But don't forget that you'll get charged customs if you're outside the EU!