08 Pink Day or Twiggy?

  1. Hi - I love pink and am trying to decide between the Day or the Twiggy style. I am concerned that the Day bag in Pink will show more dirt as it will rub more on my clothes and body than the twiggy, plus it will be a lot of pink. I am only 5' 2". Any opinions? Thank you.
  2. I love the Day style, but for lighter colors color transfer is a problem if you wear a lot of denim because of the way the bag hangs. I'd vote for a twiggy on this one.
  3. Thanks, that was what I was thinking. I do wear a lot of denim except in the July and August.
  4. Day
  5. Day:smile:
  6. Absolutely the Day.:tup:
  7. I also vote for the day. My fav style
  8. Both are cute in this colour...
    I will vote for Twiggy though cos I think its much girlier and cuter :smile:
  9. Twiggy if you're worried about color transfer.
  10. I love both of these styles, but I would choose the twiggy!! For some reason, I'm just more drawn to the twiggy style in the BG!!
  11. i prefer the twiggy.
  12. i love both styles , but twiggy much more cute in pink . so i vote for twiggy!
  13. Twiggy in this color would be so pretty.
  14. I prefer the Twiggy. I have 2, and I love them! I've never owned a Day. I know many Pfers are Day fans, but I've never really looked "north-south" bags. I prefer "east-west" styles.
  15. I'd say go for the twiggy!!!!