08 Pale Magenta Work! w/lots of CU pics!

  1. I just got it! I had to leave early from work today to catch my UPS guy, and now here it is! My new 2008 pale magenta work! I love it!!!! I think it's the perfect combination and balance of pink+purple/magenta. I'm 5"2 but the work style feels like weekender when I'm wearing it. I'll post the pictures of me wearing it later. Now, please enjoy some of the close-ups...

    PS I bought it from BalNY, SA was Daphine, she was such a sweetie.




    Foot in the bottom

    Balenciaga - 03.jpg Balenciaga - 04.jpg Balenciaga - 05.jpg Balenciaga - 06.jpg Balenciaga - 07.jpg
  2. More pics...



    Comparison (from the top)
    07 Tomato first, 08 Pale Magenta work, 07 Blue Glacier city

    Balenciaga - 08.jpg Balenciaga - 09.jpg Balenciaga - 11.jpg Balenciaga - 12.jpg
  3. What a beautiful bag! Enjoy
  4. all the pics of magenta and bg have me rethinking what i thought was an indifference to pink bags...

    congratulations on a beautiful new darling!:yahoo:
  5. Your work is gorgeous, and the leather looks amazing!! Wonderful saturation, too!! Congratulations on a fabulous bag!!!
  6. It's so funny the effort that we all go through for our bags! Even leaving work early:tup:

    The leather looks shiney and I really like the color. Looking forward to the modeling pics!
  7. congratulations! ~ you have 3 gorgeous choices there! ~ :love: ur tomato first!
  8. Ohhh, it's lovely!!! Thanks sooo much for all the beautiful pics!!!! That tomato first looks gorgeous too!!! I can't wait for your modeling pics!!!
  9. oh my god, what a beautiful bag, love your tomato too, the pale magenta's leather looks gorgeous. modeling pictures modeling pictures!!!:yes:
  10. Wow, what a beautiful bag! Enjoy!
  11. It's amazing! Congratulations on scoring such a great bag! I can't wait to see your modeling pictures, especially since I am 5'2 as well. I see you have several different sizes of bags - which size is your fav?
  12. Lovely colour and leather! Many congrats to you!:yahoo:
  13. really beautiful, congrats
  14. What a beautiful addition to your collection! I love it! You got one of the best pale magentas, congrats!
  15. your magenta is beautiful!! nicely distress and even colour...gorgeus! post modelling pics! congrats