08 navy timeless classic available

  1. code:A37865 Y01480 (jumbo),$2650
    This is the blue/navy lambskin jumbo classic flap bag with silver chain(picon the right).
    Other sizes and colours r probably available too but I didn't ask about it.
    My SA just had them in so if u're intersted,PM for contact info.
  2. Love the color & the lambskin. Thanks for posting.
  3. pretty bag, thanks for the info.
  4. Thanks for posting!
  5. the navy is pretty gorgeous IRL! the chain is kind of weird though...
  6. This is the new chain, it is gorgeous!
  7. wow, that is nice
  8. Gosh I love that navy lambskin :love:
  9. My other SA has another one on hold for me but I already got the pink jumbo so if any of u seriously want it,PM for contact info!