'08 Magenta- Please post your **Pics**here!

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I am really curious to see what the new Pale Magenta really looks like. I am on the list for a Magenta Work and Coin Purse and am really hoping that it looks like this IRL:

    But after seeing pictures from the PF and Deana I am completely confused.
    (even though I still like the Magenta on this pic a lot:smile:)

    Does yours look like the first two pictures or the other two?

    Thanks in advance!:yes::heart:
  2. Marie- the picture of the two First's side by side- is that 08 Petal Pink and 08 Magenta?
  3. Yup exactly, Alaska:tup: The '08 Petal Pink is on the left and the '08 Magenta on the right:yes:
  4. ^--- wow!! I want a Magenta First then!

    Can't wait to see what it looks like IRL or through pictures that are true to color- (lol~ it's so hard to capture some colors though, but IMO pink isn't too hard b/c it doesn't have green undertones like the blues may have) KWIM?
  5. I think the lighting on that picture Deana was sent is just horrible! I can't believe they sent that out to a customer! tse tse tse, BalNY... seriously! They amaze me!

    Back on topic... I wouldn't start to worry, MarieG! Wait until we see more pics under good lighting!
  6. I'm dying to see what Pale Magenta really looks like too, so I'm going to be following this thread! Please post pics all 08 Magenta owners!
  7. If I had the $$ I'd be all over that Magenta as well, but I guess the '05 will have to do LOL
  8. I almost think that ic with the three purses might be Petal Pink and NOT magenta! Although pic #1 is gorgeous!!!
  9. I can't wait to see it IRL also! I am on the list for a Day bag .... hope they come in soon!
  10. I totally agree Marie! All these different pictures is really confusing me. I just don't want it if it looks like the 08 Magenta First looks in the picture my SA sent me (it's the First in the picture of the two First's above and below). So I was passied on the First, even though I would love to have a Magenta First since have a 05 Box & City. I will be getting the Pink First pictured on the left and a Pink City, and I should have them next week. I'm on the waitlist for a couple other styles in Magenta, so I am going to make my choice as they come in. I am hoping it is only poor picture quality that is making it look bad. Below is a photo of the back of the First's.

  11. I'm waitlisted for a lot of Magenta and the pictures from the trunk shows give me so much hope, as do the swatches I saw at BalNY, and I think it's just bad lighting in the ones Deana posted. We shall see!
  12. The lighting in BalNY is really terrible. I'm sure magenta will look much better in a different lighting, probably more like in the first 2 pics :yes:
  13. Thanks so much for your responses, ladies!:tender: :heart:can't wait to see the first pics that show the true-to-life color!:yes:
  14. I saw the 08 Magenta in Balenciaga Milan, and colour wise, it looks closest to the last photo – the City sent by Bal NY, maybe not as veiny. Personally, I didn't like it, because it looked washed out.
  15. it's one of the colours that is hard to photograph I guess. Photos taken in natural sunlight would be appreciated ;)