08 Magenta Or 08 Bubble Gum Pink ???

  1. Hi Ladies and Gents ... I have the Work set aside for me in both magenta and bubble gum pink ... which do you think looks better in that style? I love purple (hence the username;)) and I read here that the magenta have purple undertones? For you that have seen it irl ... is that true? I've only seen the bubble gum irl. I don't have any pink Bbags yet, my collection consist of Brief GGH in black, City GGH in white, Day SGH in violet and First RH in violet. Which do you think I should go with ... magenta or bubble gum pink? TIA:flowers:
  2. Well we think alike and I have ordered a Magenta rh Work from Bal, so I'd reccomend that over the BG.
    I think the BG would look great in a First or a clutch!
  3. I saw both but I love Magenta color better if I have to pick one..
  4. I saw both and i ended up with the BG as the Magenta look quite plain and the leather on the bag that i saw looked dry and miserable!
  5. it really depends on the individual bag - NM has gorgeous BG Pink work with nice silky leather but the RH MagentaCities were very dry flat veiny looking. However, there was one Magenta SGH City that is the perfect purply pink that absolutely knocked my socks off!
  6. We saw the same bags... ITA I changed my wish to BG after seeing the leather on the Magenta First and City. I didn't see the SGH City though! My vote would be get both and pick the one with the best leather and return the other! ;)
  7. I'd go for the magena since you like purples. But make sure it's not dry bad leather - I agree with the others I saw some like that.
  8. I think magenta is the prettier color but as everyone else says, be picky about the leather.
  9. Personally I prefer Bubblegum (I just got mine on Monday and it is the prettiest pink ever!) but if you like purple, I think Magenta is the way to go for you. I also think I prefer darker Works, so that would be another reason to go with Magenta over Bubblegum... but if you're looking for a smaller bag, I just can't express enough how gorgeous the Bubblegum is! And it does have some faint lilac undertones to it as well. :tup:
  10. Just saw both Magenta and BG today. I prefer Magenta... I think ti's prettier.
  11. saw both in neiman and all the magenta bags had a lot of white veins/marbling whereas the BG had none. so my vote is going to BG.
  12. I do prefer the pale magenta over BG.
  13. Thank you everyone for the advice about dry leather and veins and what not, I wish that I can handpick, unfortunately, I'm at the mercy of just expressing what I want to the SA. Maybe I'll just wait to see them irl and handpick. Thanks again!
  14. definitely magenta :smile:
  15. After seeing both IRL (shockingly) at HN I'd say magenta. The leather is an issue, but the colour was amazing. I'm seriously considering it, and it surprises me cos I'm not a pink person, but its really gorgeous.