'08 Legacy pieces? Any info yet?

  1. Anyone know if there will be an '08 Legacy line out this year? I'm interested in hearing about the new pleated ergos that are supposed to be coming out, and also wondering about any new Legacy pieces. Any inside info would be appreciated! Thanks!
  2. I am wondering the same thing
  3. Me, too. I can't wait to see pics of the 08 Legacy Shoulder Bag (if they reinvent it again)!
  4. this is what i have been wondering since they sent so much to the outlets recently.... very curious - all i know is, i am socking the monies away in anticipation
  5. Add me to the group of wonderers..... I can't wait to see what Legacy '08 will bring!
  6. I'm wondering also. I've got so many of the older Legacy purses that I'm curious about how they're going to change up the Legacy style.
  7. shoot i wanna know too
  8. I'm just guessing that they probably won't introduce the 08 legacy until late summer/early fall.... an SA might be able to give us a better idea...

    I'm really anxious to see the new designs, too, although the 06 legacy remains my all time favorite. I was thankful that none of this year's legacy tempted me much! It was pretty but it didn't move me the same way.
  9. They do have new colors coming out, right? Isn't the Leigh coming out in rose, even though we heard it was not the 06 rose we had hoped for and I thought I read somewhere that there would be a teal color? And the shoulder bag is coming in walnut. I can't recall other colors. Oh and there's the spectator in gardenia/dark brown. So, not super exciting but I'm guessing there's some new colors to be watching out for. Maybe??
  10. I thought I saw a new Legacy pouch in the new Spring catalog??? It had two pockets on the front and was priced around $200. Maybe this is the first piece of the 08 Legacy line? Did anyone else see this or was I dreaming again?? LOL :p
  11. ITA :tup: :yes: :tup:
  12. I really wonder how sales of '07 Legacy compared to sales of '06 Legacy and whether that will have any effect on the designs in the future. None of the '07 Legacy bags really spoke to me, so I am anxious to see what '08 has to offer. Given the enduring love so many people have for the '06 shoulder bag and Ali, it would surprise me if they didn't do something that was a nod to those designs.
  13. I saw that bag in the red book last night. It looked great, though I'm sure it's smaller than in the photo.
  14. I thought it was cute too but the word "pouch" scares me.....thats code for "mini bag"
  15. Legacy will actually be coming out I believe, if my memory serves me correctly, march or april.