'08 Legacy Garcia Flap

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  1. I'm interested in buying a NWT '08 Legacy Flap shoulder bag in black (garcia leather) and am wondering what I should consider paying for it on eBay. I had heard that they were going for about $170 at outlet, but I can't verify that.

    Any ideas as to what is the going price right now?

  2. You can do a completed search on eBay to see what others have sold for.
  3. The Chanel Shopping forum may be more helpful
  4. I think OP is referring to the Coach Legacy Flap? If that's the one, I see completed listings ranging from about $175 to about $300. I just did a quick search, and not sure if any of these are "garcia" leather, as I am not familiar with Coach items. Good luck! I hope you find what you're looking for :smile:
  5. :Push:Lol...For me the word Flap has become synonymous with Chanel!:Push:
  6. Oops, yes, I goofed and forgot to add "Coach" to my heading.

    Thanks for the replies so far.