'08 Legacy Garcia Flap -- Help, Please

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  1. I'm interested in buying a NWT '08 Legacy Flap shoulder bag in black (garcia leather) and am wondering what I should consider paying for it on eBay. I don't have access to an outlet, but I had heard that they were going for about $170. I can't verify that.

    Any ideas as to what is the going price right now on eBay?

  2. There's alot of them on ebay, you shouldn't have to pay more than $230-240. Looks like some have free shipping also. Good luck.
  3. They sold for $150 at the outlets.
  4. This thread might be better helped by being moved to the Shopping section...
  5. I have not seen any at the outlets lately. I got one on ebay at Christmas for around $135.00, but I got lucky! It was too late for them to ship out for Christmas so the bids were really low. Check the ebay sold items to get an idea of what they are selling for. Then stalk them like crazy until one is ending in your price range-and snipe it!
    I love mine and its worth every penny!
  6. Thanks for the replies. I did forget to add the word "Coach" to my heading.
  7. My outlet had them prior to xmas too (bought MIL one for her 12/23 b'day).
    Haven't seen any since then.
    But, you never know...good luck!
  8. My outlet had one last weekend in black. I think it was around $150.
  9. My local Macy's also had them, albeit only 25% off.
    But, they had quite a few.
    And this was a week or so ago (at least) so maybe they're even lower now?
  10. The Orlando outlet had one last week in chocolate and one the week before in purple. They were $150. It looks like they're going from $128 used up to $215 on ebay.