08 Fall Bubble Quilt Bowler w/ silver hardware available in Gray and Dk Green

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  1. Hello, just want to let you know that my SA @ South Coast Plaza Chanel is holding a dk green Bubble Quilt bowler with the 08 new silver hardware for me since I was on the waitlist. I'll go check it out tomorrow but I am 99.9% sure I will turn it down. PM me if you are interested so I can refer you to my SA.

    Also, my SA has charged my credit card for the grey Bubble Quilt bowler, also with the 08 new silver hardware. The bag is in the store now so I have not seen it but I think I will do a refund when I go to the store tomorrow. So again, if you are interested, PM me and let me know.
  2. thanks for posting!~
  3. May I know how much is the Bubble Quilt Bowler Grey? Thanks.
  4. The bubble quilt bowler is $2,850. HTH!
  5. Thanks a lot!