08 Coral Red first,Magenta money wallet & 08 turquoise city

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  1. Hi all,Has anyone seen 08 coral red IRL?I had ordered 08 coral red first and magenta moneny wallet(both w/RH) from NM today during their special event and saved $400. they're on the way~~I am a bit worried b/c I haven't seen 08coral red IRL.I do love 07rouge V and 07 tomato and hope 08 coral red will turn out as good as those colors. I'll try to take digitals of them as soon as I get.and also,I am thinking to get 08 turquoise city or day(w/RH) but haven't seen the color IRL either. please give me a hint if anyone has seen that color in person as well as style.would you get city? or the day?please share your preference with me~~~~
  2. I think Coral Red has more pink in it than the other reds.

    Very different from RVIF and brighter/hotter than Tomato.
  3. thanks Hmwe46!I've been looking for true red first for long time.if coral red has more pink in it,I'll try to secure 07 rouge v first.so torn to make a decision b/w rouge and coral red!having a second thought- I am not sure if I like coral red IRL but it sounds it has a lot of potentials to be one of the hottest colors in this year. coral red sounds more summery and fem.speaking of turquoise, do you girs prefer the city or the day (w/RH)?
  4. I can't wait to see the coral too! Do you know when your First is arriving?:nuts:
  5. coral is gonna be hot. my sister just got a coral day and it's being shipped to her now!

    As for turqy the day should be a really cute style ;)
  6. can't wait to recieve my coral red first and magenta money wallet.I did second day shipping so it should be arrived no later than next Tuesday.
  7. pls post pics! cant wait to see...Congrats!
  8. Hi Superfine, I saw a Coral Red Day in Printemps last Thursday. It looks quite cute, red with a hue of orange. So if you want a true red, it shouldn't be the red you're after.
  9. hmmm im excited to see the coral red! hope someone would post pictures soon...
  10. Someone just posted a picture of a Coral First in the shopping section. :tup: It's a gorgeous red!
  11. Hi!

    I managed to catch a glimpse of the Coral Red money wallet at the Bal shop in Milan about a week ago. I asked if they would have any Coral Red bags coming in, and the SA said sometime in early April. It's a beautiful bright orangey-red colour with maybe a hint of pink (the lighting in the shop was a little moody so i'm going on memory).

    I checked the Paris store too at about the same time, and they had absolutely no Coral Reds in the store - but did have Bouton City GGH and a plethora of other colours in RH if you're interested!

    Lucky you enjoy your new bags soon! :smile:
  12. congrats on your purchase! can't wait to see your pix!
    this is a close up pix of my coral first
    IRL it's a really bright pop color, will be great for summer :smile:
  13. I really like the coral red, but IMO its is not a 'true' red because it has a lot of orangy/pink tones. But it really pops and I think it's perfect in a First. I wasn't planning on getting a turquoise, but I saw it person and bought one during the NM sale. It isn't the same as the 05 turq but it is very vibrant and bright. Looks GREAT with black, white, beige and brown. Another popping color. I bought a RH City and I LOVE it. It reminds me of a Caribean sea!
  14. thanks for your close up photo of coral first.
    I ran to Barneys NY yesterday to look at coral in person.
    it looks so pretty and perfect for summer but wasn't the color that I've been looking for. I've been looking for true red first.
    so I eneded up securing rouge first and it's on the way!!^^
    I'll try to take digitals of both once they're arrived.
    and I got RH black part time instead turquoise b/c turquoise looked too bright for me. it would be perfect for someone looking for bright-bright turquoise for this comming summer!
    coral and turquise 08 look very pop and summery FYI.