08 Bubblegum vs 04 Rose vs 04 Lilac – Comparison Pics!

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  1. Just thought it might be interesting to post these photos, because of the lilac undertones some tPFers see in the 08 Bubblegum Pink. I decided to compare the mirrors, because they offer unfaded colours – I put them in different order, too, since colours seen side by side often affect one's colour perception. You can see this in the 2nd photo – the 04 Lilac makes the 08 Bubblegum Pink look lilac too when placed side by side, but the 08 Bubblegum Pink looks more pink next to the 04 Rose in the 1st photo.

    These were taken next to a window, with bright sunshine outside, so the colours are quite accurate. The colours are 08 Bubblegum Pink, 04 Rose and 04 Lilac.

    Roxane-Bal-compare1.jpg Roxane-Bal-compare2.jpg Roxane-Bal-compare3.jpg
  2. Very nice!
  3. Great pics, thanks! I don't see much lilac in the BG '08 though?
  4. Thanks for sharing.:tup:
  5. Great pics, thank you Roxane!
    I must admit I like the 08 pink more than the others.
  6. Thanks Roxane! Those pics really help solve questions about similarities in color...they really aren't at all!!!! Now you've made me realize I need those '04 colors still LOLOL
  7. thanks for the pics Roxanne!! wish I have all 3 like you!
  8. wow all three colours are gorgeous!
  9. they are all beautfil colors. thanks for posting these!
  10. Thanks for the comparisons. I still like the 04 Rose the best :love:, but all pinks and lilacs and lovely.
  11. Wonderful, wonderful comparison photos! The colors aren't similar at all...
  12. oh my, that is so helpful - thank you!!
  13. Yummy colors, thanks so much for sharing ... definitely a big help!
  14. I HAVE TO HAVE IT !! (PINK BUBBLEGUM, when will you come to UK? )
  15. Thanks for sharing Roxane!